On Thursday, December 13th of 2007 at 10:49pm, Jill gave birth to a wonderful little baby girl. Her name is Lilian Dorothy Woyak. She’s only been with us for a short time, and already we’ve totally fallen in love with her. So far, everyone who has met her has said (independently of each other) that she’s “perfect”. We agree!

From Baby's Birthday

Here’s the basic info:

Lilian Dorothy Woyak (Lily)
Birthdate: Thursday December 13th at 10:49pm (CST)
Weight: 8lbs, 7oz
Head Circumference: 14″
Moon at birth: Waxing Gibbous (10% of full)
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Chinese Zodiac: Pig (Golden!)

And now, here are just a few cute pictures that weren’t directly posted on the main blog:

From Baby's Birthday
From Hospital part II
From Hospital part II

5 Responses

  1. Joe Stinson Says:

    congratulations. She is soo cute!

  2. Lynn Trow Says:

    I just found out about the birth of your Beautiful Baby Girl. How Incredible! I’m in awe ~ way to go you two!

    I’ll keep up with your website now that I know about it.

    Sending hugs and kisses,

  3. Kim Bliese Says:

    Jill and Jason:

    Your baby girl is beautiful. I absolutely love the name you gave her. I am so excited to have a baby at Christmas again. I can’t wait to see her and hold her–I know there will be a long line.



  4. Renee Says:

    Congratulations! I have been thinking about you two (three). I heard a baby was on the way. I asked Eric yesterday what the status was and he found this website for me. It has been fun looking at all the pictures! Mike left the network team so if either of you are interested… Take care!

  5. Rev Sandy Dolen Says:

    I happened upon your webspace by accident again. Was last here when you were on your honeymoon. So glad about your little girl. She is beautiful. God is still blessing you! Have a great day!

    Rev Sandy
    P O Box 256
    Bloomburg, TX 75557

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