This page is about the family of Jason and Jill Woyak, our wedding, our honeymoon trip to Ireland, our cat Gibson, and our baby girl Lilian. Please see the main blog and pages for more info, and thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Mom and Jim Says:

    Very glad to hear you are having a good time. I worry about you driving on the wrong side of the road when you get home!! Love you guys!!

  2. Elaine Johns Says:

    Hi Jason and Jill, Hope you’re both doing well. I was just doing some browsing on the internet and noticed your site comes up as the first 2 or 3 selections in the list when searching for Woyak. How do you do that? When I enter “Land of Heaven” to see where my website is in the list, I always give up before I get to it. Same for my “gates of hell” site. Is there a trick to it or do you pay to have it come up first?

    On a different subject, I’ve taken the plunge and started learning the Greek alphabet and some first words. It’s always so amazing how God works. Just a few days after I made the decision to start learning the language, we hired a new woman in my department at InterVarsity who “happened” to live in Greece 5 or more years and speaks some Greek. God is good!.

    Take care and hope to hear from you,
    Love, Aunt Elaine

    PS, I told you I’d write something in Greek, but I’m not that far yet, and don’t have any Greek fonts.

  3. arian Says:


    the reaper on our computer doesnt work ..

    and i need the instrumental to the song

    he said she said


    ashely tisdale

    soo do you think you could send it to my mother or me ASAP

    like serously dude ! i need it .

    thank you !

  4. Sally Ensign (and Jasmine) Says:

    Hey guys, we wanted to say hi, and congradulations, she is very cute! Some of the pictures look like Jason when he was little. Love the one in the brown hat. We had a hard time finding where to write to you, or leave comments, so I hope this is good… Greeting from all of us here in Colorado, come on out and visit some time, the skiing is great this year. Baby-sitting services available!! Anyway, keep in touch, and when I get some pictures up, I’ll let you know where you can check them out.

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