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From 20111221

New year, new post, new… BABY?!? Yep! Lily is going to be a big sister this June! We are so very excited! Lily has not been shy about letting us know that she would really, strongly prefer a baby SISTER, but neither Jason or I has any preference at all. Probably a good thing, because this baby is trying our patience at finding out if they are a HE or a SHE, just like big sister Lily did! At our 20 week Ultrasound, baby rolled into a ball, pulled its knees into its chest, AND crossed its ankles for good measure. The position of the baby did also prevent the U/S tech from getting all the measurements she needed, so we will be getting a 2nd chance and hoping little peanut decides to cooperate for us this time!

When we tried to explain to Lily why we didn’t know yet if she was having a baby brother or baby sister, we told her how the machine they used to take pictures of the baby in Mommy’s tummy couldn’t get any pictures that showed us if it was a baby girl or baby boy. She simply asked, ‘Well, why can’t they just look and see if the baby has hair or not?!?”. heheh

From 20111213

We had quite a whirlwind ending to 2011, and beginning to 2012 so far as well. First of all I HAVE to mention this absolutely incredible, GORGEOUS winter weather we’ve had this year! I can’t believe that we started JANUARY with no snow on the ground.. and the number of 40-degree days is completely surreal… and FANTASTIC! :) December was an amazing month, too, but it was hard to focus on the weather when there was so much celebrating to do! The month (as always) starts off with a countdown to Lily’s Birthday.

From 20111213

Lily’s birthday this year was just absolutely great! It’s so fun to watch how much MORE excited she gets every year, and how much more she understands about… everything, really! She told us MONTHS in advance that she wanted a birthday party at Skyzone Trampoline Park, and she never really wavered from that. First, however, she did go to school that day where she got to wear a special birthday crown, and be the teacher’s special helper for the day, hand out party favors (bubbles) to her entire class, AND have everyone sing Happy Birthday to her. I think it was the perfect start to the day and got her in the mood to be celebrated! After school, Jason and I picked her up and took her out to a special birthday lunch. Once lunch was finished, we split up and Jason kept running errands while I took Lily on an afternoon of beauty! She just LOVES pretty much anything girlly, so I thought it would be a special treat for us to go to a nail salon and get our nails done together for the very first time.. and I was right! She loved it! After the nail salon, we went next door to the hair salon where Lily got her waist-length hair chopped to just below her shoulders (about 7 inches cut!), and put in 2 neat little braids on the side of her head. She was SUCH a good girl, and seemed so grown up having conversations with the adults in these places. I was very proud of her!

After we were as beautiful as we were going to get, time for the big PARTY to begin! My family met us at Skyzone, and we got Lily, Claire, and Abby (and Jason ;) ) ready to start jumping! It ended up being so nice because her Birthday fell on a Tuesday, and Skyzone opened later in the afternoon, so we ended up getting there within an hour of opening. We had the entire place completely to OURSELVES for probably the first 20-30 minutes, anyway! Perfect! Once Auntie Lisa and Uncle Ryan arrived, they decided it looked like too much fun to sit on the sidelines, so they joined in the jumping, too!

From 20111213

After an hour (when everyone had preemptively burned off their birthday cake), we all left SKyzone and met up at Red Robin burger joint in Plymouth. We all had a nice dinner, shared a delicious “Little Mermaid” cake, and watched Lily open about a billion presents. She was very gracious, and even offered to let her cousins each open one of her presents so they didn’t feel left out. SHe thanked everyone as soon as she opened their present, and almost ALWAYS had the joyful reaction of “This is JUST what I always wanted!!!!”. :)

From 20111221

Very shortly after her birthday came a whirlwind of parties – from a Teddy Bear picnic at her school, to a “mini-recital” holiday party in her dance class. Grandma and Grandpa, Auntie Lisa, and CLaire and Abby were all able to join us in Lily’s dance class for her Holiday party, and it was a fun night! We got to watch Lily (and her class) do some warm-up “circle time” exercises, and perform one ballet and one tap dance for the audience (us!). Lily did a great job, but she did often get distracted by waving to us, smiling at us, or posing for us – that she would forget she was supposed to be DANCING! It will be interesting to see how her recital goes this spring! I will say she definitely does seem to take after me in NEVER remembering what steps come next, so she’s always following someone else and a good half-step or more behind. heheh Oops!

From 20111225 Christmas

Finally, we got to Christmas! The day before Christmas Eve we traveled down to Lanesboro to visit Grandma Gayle, Grandpa Jim, and Uncle Shawn’s family. Things were a little bit different this year as Grandma Gayle still had to work (bartending at the American Legion), but it ended up working out REALLY well! There is a party/banquet space in the Legion that can be rented out for private parties, etc, so we had the use of that area for the night. We had our own little dance floor area, kitchen, tables, bar, and a huge TV (that we hooked a Wii up to). Gayle set up a large feast in the kitchen area, and frequently came upstairs to visit with all of us, eat with us, etc. Jason used the opportunity behind the bar to mix Lily her very first drink! (Just a kiddie cocktail/shirley temple – don’t worry! ;) It was her first time having pop, though.)

From 20111225 Christmas

Unfortunately, Lily did start to get a bad cold overnight that night, and that seemed to be the beginning of our never-ending string of illnesses throughout the month of January. However, it didn’t seem to bother her much at the time, and she got to wake up on Christmas Eve morning to see/pet/ride PONIES! How much more could a little girl ask for?? She’s really getting pretty good at riding the pony, too! This last trip she was able to make the pony stop, and make her go, all by herself! She’s learning how to use her legs and her voice to give them commands, and “steer” the reigns to show them where to go. After spending the morning at the farm, we had to leave around lunch time to head back to my parents house for Christmas celebration #2!

From 20111225 Christmas

We spent Christmas Eve evening at my parents house, watching 3 little girls tear through an incredible MOUNTAIN of presents! They were all so into it this year, and had so much fun that it was just worth it being able to watch their complete, uninhibited joy. I was very impressed at how well they were being patient and taking turns opening presents, too! We managed to get Lily (and Mommy!) home before they completely passed out, then woke up the next morning to see that Santa had come and brought even MORE presents! We opened those at home with just our small family, then later in the day we went back to Grandma and Grandpa’s house, and ended the celebration with extended family at my Aunt’s house. What a nice, relaxing finish to such a crazy, busy Holiday!

From 20111225 Christmas

Since the Holidays we have had a number of random illnesses (colds, stomach bugs, etc) that just seem to always be present this time of year. It seems as if the days just fly by, getting back into our routines, recovering from being sick, etc, and before you know it – January is already over! I apologize for being so late with this update, and for having absolutely NO pictures from January at all – other than the Ultrasound! Now that our routine is fairly well established again, I’m hoping to get back into my once (or maybe twice?) a month posting routine as well, so there isn’t so much to cover when I finally get to post! I hope the Holidays treated all of you very well, and that 2012 is going to be our best year yet! I can’t wait to see all the exciting things that are yet to come! :)

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    Thanks, Derek! Same to you guys!! :)

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    Nice post, Jilly! We did have quite a fun December, didn’t we? Cute pics of your girl!

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