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Ok, so it’s *slightly* later than mid-July. Oops! I swear July must be the absolute FASTEST month of the year! I don’t know where the time has gone.

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We have been trying to pack our time together with as many “summer-y” things as possible! Our summer daycare arrangement for Lily (2 days/week at Grandma and Grandpa’s, and 3 days/week at Auntie Lisa’s house), has allowed Lily to spend LOTS of time with her cousins this summer, and led to a number of sleepovers at Gma’s and Gpa’s, too! I think she’s having an absolute blast! We’re so lucky to have such awesome family so close, that are willing to pitch in and help us out! :)

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Of course, Lisa watching Lily at her house doesn’t allow the two of US to hang out, so we’ve made time for that as well! Lisa invited Lily and I to go with her to the opening of Highland Park Aquatic Center in St. Paul (you can read more about it oh her blog ), which was a lot of fun despite the rain! In turn, I invited Lisa and girls to join Lily and I at Crystal Cove Aquatic Center, and help use some of the groupon admissions that I had purchased. All of us had a great time, and are looking forward to doing it again!

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We didn’t spend our WHOLE summer in the water, though! We’ve also been to a number of parks (Medicine Lake Park and French park are some of our favorites), taking Lily on bike rides, going on family walks, and just having all sorts of fun together. Lisa and I even took all 3 girls to the New Hope Cinema Grill one night for pizza and the movie Rio (+a bottle of wine for the Mamas – score!).

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Of course, no summer would be complete without our annual 4th of July cabin trip! This year was a ton of fun, and the time went so fast! The girls are really getting old enough to enjoy the cabin, spending time with the whole extended family, and all the random activities we do there, and it’s SO much fun to relive some of my OWN childhood memories through their eyes! They were all SO well-behaved the entire week, and seemed to love EVERYTHING we did on any given day! They’re all getting to be really good swimmers (with floaties/water wings on, typically), they all got to sleep together in the same bed every night (so it was a week-long sleepover!), they enjoyed going to the lake, catching frogs with Auntie Lisa and Uncle Ryan, chasing Grandpa around a golf course (or just running up and down the “bunker”), and the FIREWORK show we took them to for the first time this year!

From cabin 2011

One of the cutest memories I have of the cabin this year with the 3 girls, was when we went waking around Red Cedar lake, looking for frogs. Lily was very intent on her search, and sometimes leaned WAY over the side of the dock to peer into the water, which was making me VERY nervous! I told her she couldn’t lean over so far because I didn’t want her to fall in, and tenderhearted little Claire heard me and was SO concerned about Lily’s safety that she grabbed onto the back of Lily’s shirt and hung onto her for dear life. Nevermind that there’s no way Claire’s little 32-lb body would do a single thing to stop Lily from going into the water, she was bound and determined to protect her cousin and it absolutely melted my heart!

From cabin 2011

It may sound like we’ve spent the whole summer with only my side of the family… and it’s true that we certainly have seen my family A LOT this summer – but we’ve also made a few trips to visit with Jason’s family as well! Jason’s Dad has moved since the last time we saw him, and now lives in Wisconsin, only about 1 1/2 hours from the cabin. So, one of the days during the cabin trip Jason and Lily packed up and went to visit him and his wife, Judy. They had a great time, and Lily brought home a little stuffed bear (that she named “Sunny”), while Jason brought home some homemade salsa and garden-fresh radishes. Yum!

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We also made a trip down to Grandma Gayle’s farm (with the 115 heat index and NO A/C!!) while Jason’s sister Chandra was in town with her husband Aaron, and their daughters Akasha and Aria. They live in Virginia and we haven’t seen them in about 1 1/2 years, so it was great to see everyone again, and see how big all the kids are getting – and watch all the cousins play! We attempted to let all the girls (Akasha, Tali, Aria, Lily, and Eanna) camp out in a tent in the yard, but Lily was a bit scared and ended up coming inside with us before everyone fell asleep. Before that, however, Auntie Shannon read all the girls a story, and they took turns telling “spooky stories” around a flashlight (cheating, I know). Listening to the girls stories was so much fun, and even now Lily is still on a “spooky stories” kick! I’ll post one of her latest spooky stories at the end of this post.

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It’s so hard to believe that August is just around the corner. Lily is already enrolled for pre-school, which will start in early September, and this coming week I’ll be enrolling her in dance class (tap & ballet) already! In just 2 weeks, her regular daycare provider re-opens and we’ll start getting into our “school-year” routine. I find myself getting a little down at all the early reminders of fall (back to school sales, people talking about football, etc) because I just love these summer days, but I keep reminding myself that there are so many EXCITING things coming up this fall! I’m excited to watch how Lily grows and changes as she enters school and spends time with a whole new group of people. I’m excited to watch her practice being the ballerina she already loves to pretend she is in her dance class, and hopefully find a passion for dance AND make some new friends as well! I know that there will be a number of bittersweet moments coming up, moments where it’s undeniable that she is truly growing up and becoming her own person right before my eyes. So for now, I’m hanging on to my little girl, and enjoying every minute of these late summer days with my little family.

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And now, without further ado – I present to you Lily’s most recent “spooky story” (not quite verbatim but as close as I could manage!):
There was a monster, a witch, and a ghost. The monster was purple and furry, and really big.. with white teeth and white claws. The witch was mean, and she had a cat. She had green skin and rode a broomstick. The ghost was a mean ghost, not like a human-ghost but a ghost-ghost (think casper, but not so friendly).

The monster, witch, and ghost took the Mommy and Daddy’s child (named Rosie) and hid her in a bag, but then she got out. The hero girl’s name is Blondie – she looks a lot like Lily, and has blonde pigtails. Blondie came along and saw the monster, witch, and ghost being mean and she told them to “STOP!”, but they didn’t listen. Then, she said, “I’m going to trap you!” and she trapped them in a bag.. but they could get out. Then she put them in a maze, but the ghost walked through walls and got out. Then, she put them in a hole, and closed it. The monster was going to open it, but Blondie went to the red wizard and had him make a lock for her, and she locked the hole.

She was going to hide the key under her bed, but then she thought they would find it. So she went way into the forest and buried the key. Then they couldn’t get out. The end.

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