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It seems so strange that April is almost over ALREADY, yet when I look back at everything that happened this month, I can’t believe it’s only been ONE MONTH. This is a month that I am definitely ready to put behind me.

From 20110402 Lily Bike Ride

We used up our Groupon for Lily’s tumbling class at The Little Gym and had to decide if we wanted to pay to continue taking lessons for the rest of the semester (until mid-June). I really did like a LOT of the things they did in those classes, but I was torn because their tuition is SO expensive. The deciding factor for me was Lily herself – she didn’t really seem to WANT to keep going, and I didn’t want to pay all that money just to fight with her every Saturday and drag her to class!! I think she did like the stuff she was doing in class as she always seemed to have fun once she was there, but she seems to hate giving up any of her weekend “Mommy and Daddy” time. Since we stopped going, she has mentioned the class a few times and seems to miss it a little, so I still think I’m going to pursue enrolling her in a tumbling or dance class in the fall – probably something a bit more in our budget!

From 20110402 Lily Bike Ride

Our weather so far this “spring” has really sucked.. but we did manage to have a FEW nice days sprinkled in here and there. During one of those days we brought out the little bike Lily was given for Christmas, and took her for her first bike ride! We rode across the alley and over to the hospital park, then spent some time riding on the trails in the park before letting her stop riding to play. She loved it!! She looked so adorable riding that bike all by herself. :) She begged to go out for another bike ride the next day, so we took her out again.. unfortunately those were some of the last night days we’ve had so we haven’t been out riding much more than that, but it’s high on our summer agenda for sure! I also think it’ll be a good tie-in for really stressing SAFETY with her, and you’ll soon know why this has become a huge concern for us.

From 20110402 Lily Bike Ride

This is the part of this post that I have truly been dreading. It’s still hard to write about, or even think about. On Monday the 18th I called the Doctor’s office to make Lily an appointment. Her numerous colds over the last few months have led to at least 3 or 4 ear infections back-to-back, and it appeared as if it was starting to affect her hearing. Her appointment was in the afternoon, so I dropped her off at Daycare like normal and told Jen (Daycare woman) that I would come pick her up at 12:30 to go to the doctor. That morning, Jen took the kids for a walk to the park. They were walking along the sidewalk, and Lily ran ahead of Jen (pushing the stroller of smaller kids) as she LOVES to do. Up ahead, Jen saw a woman starting to QUICKLY back out of her driveway without looking, and saw Lily heading straight into the path of this woman’s car. Jen called out for Lily to STOP, but Lily kept going without even hesitating. Jen knew that Lily’s hearing had been pretty poor and was afraid that Lily couldn’t hear her, so she started SCREAMING at Lily to stop and running towards her, but Lily ignored her and kept running. Incredibly, there was a city (or garbage? not clear on the details) truck sitting on that street at that exact moment, and the driver was watching the whole situation. He thought VERY quickly and LEANED on his horn to make a super, super loud noise. Lily heard the noise and stopped in her tracks, and the woman in the car whipped RIGHT BY HER, less than 2 feet away. Jen went running up to the man with tears streaming down her face and gave him an enormous hug and told him he saved Lily’s life. She later called the city to let them know what had happened, and what an incredible thing this driver had done, and she got to talk to him a little more. It gives me the chills and makes me borderline nauseous to hear that the driver (Larry) was NOT even supposed to be working that day, but he decided at the last minute to cover the shift for someone else. I am so, so, SO incredibly grateful to him for what he did – and terrified beyond words to imagine what may have happened if he wasn’t there, or didn’t do what he did. I feel like I honestly can’t convey the seriousness of this whole situation, or how I really feel.. almost like I have to make myself emotionally detached in order to even write about it. I didn’t sleep most of that whole night because I couldn’t get the vision of Lily nearly being hit out of my head, and I have shed countless tears over it since then, but I am SO THANKFUL and feel so blessed that she is ok!! Trust me, discussions about safety and the dangers of cars have become a very common thing in our house these days. It’s so frustrating to try and make a 3yo understand that kind of danger.

From 20110402 Lily Bike Ride

Ok, scary stuff is over. I knew I had to document it as it was a major event for us, but it’s still difficult. Whew! Other (less important) fun we’ve been having includes a broken dishwasher (I think it’s mostly fixed now), a broken bathtub drain (we had to go bathe at my parent’s house!), a family of mice moving into our house and being slaughtered by our cat (yuck). I’m struggling with just not feeling very happy in our house these days, and we know we want to move before Lily starts school, but I’d love to move up that timeline a bit! It’s just hard in this market right now. We’re concentrating on de-cluttering our house currently and trying to finish up outstanding projects so our house might be ready to put on the market in another year or two. Meanwhile, my addiction to edinarealty.com has returned with a vengeance!

From 20110402 Lily Bike Ride

We did make a SUPER quick trip to the zoo this month to see the “Farm Babies” with Auntie Lisa, Uncle Greggy, Claire and Abby. It was fun but I wish we had been able to make it back again over the course of the month! Oh well, even though Farm Babies is done, we’ll have to make a number of trips out to the zoo over the course of this spring and summer. :) While we were hanging out with Claire and Abby we also had a super-fun SLEEPOVER! All 3 girls are finally getting the hang of sleeping in the same room (sometimes the same bed!) so it feels more like a true sleepover. I’m sure Auntie Lisa and I will have a plan a few more of these as well over the course of the next few months!! :)


That brings me to something that isn’t entirely Lily-related, but still important! Lily’s Daddy (Jason) has a band called Kether, and he has been practicing once a week and working very hard at their music for over a year. All of his hard work paid off on the 22nd as their band was able to perform their first live show at Ground Zero! Lily had a sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa’s that night so I could go watch the show as well, and it was a very fun time! Jason and his band mates did a GREAT job and there were a lot of people there to see them (some of our friends even came in from Winona!), and they got a lot of good feedback.

From 20110402 Lily Bike Ride

Finally, I sent in the registration forms to enroll Lily in PRE-SCHOOL for next fall!! I can’t believe she’s getting that big, but apparently it was just in time as she is suddenly trying to start reading?!?!? She has always loved words, but lately she has been obsessed with sounding things out, knows how to spell about a dozen words and has sounded out and READ a few short words to us, which just blows my mind. The other night at dinner she read the word HOUSE on a piece of paper, then proceeded to look around and found words that she could sound out, spell, and WRITE DOWN! She saw a lamp, sounded it out and wrote down L-A-M-P. Then she saw a leaf, sounded it out and wrote down L-E-F (pretty close!)… I think my jaw literally dropped. This evening while walking back to our car from the Children’s Museum she pointed at a sign and read “BUS STOP”. I am immensely proud of her, but at the same time I am SO NOT READY for her to be reading things already!

From 20110402 Lily Bike Ride

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  1. Alix Says:

    Wow Jill, scary, scary story! I can’t believe the driver didn’t stop when the guy honked his horn!

    Beautiful pictures, as usual!

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