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September – made it just under the wire! I can’t believe it’s almost October already.. guess there’s no denying that it’s FALL! As if the cooler temps and vivid trees would allow me to forget.

From Lily August 29 2010 kite

Well, I do have some big news this time! Lily is officially (daytime) potty-trained! She did an amazingly good job with this, and hardly had any accidents at all – just a few when she was distracted playing. I don’t know if she knows how to feel about it yet, as she’s still stuck in this in-between world between wanting to be a baby and wanting to be a big girl. She will often put off going potty until the LAST possible minute, even though I can tell she has to go for 20 minutes beforehand. I’ll ask her, “Do you have to go potty, Lily?” as she’s crossing her legs and jumping up and down.. and she’ll look at me and say, “Nope!”. A couple minutes later she will tell me that “oh, yeah” she actually DOES have to go potty, and off we go!

From Lily August 29 2010 kite

I have to tell you that I was so completely DREADING potty-training! I don’t mind diapers that much and think they are incredibly conveinent most days! But, I knew she was ready and the timing worked well, so we went for it anyway. My biggest problem so far has been dealing with this renewed “independence” kick that this process has triggered in her, which was completely unexpected. Suddenly we’re dealing with tantrums like we have NEVER seen before. We’ve tried different methods of dealing with them – from ignoring her, to reasoning with her, to punishing her (taking something away), but nothing has been completely successful so far, so we’re at a little bit of a loss. I just take each one as it comes and deal with (what I think may be) the underlying cause/reasons for the meltdown.

From Lily planting Sept 2010

A while ago, Jason started sometimes calling Lily a “rutabaga” because it’s a word that sounds silly, and it was adorable when she tried to say it. Now she can say it perfectly and has grabbed onto it and started calling OTHER people rutabagas, and they usually have no clue what she’s talking about. She told the other daycare kids that her Daddy sometimes calls her a rutabaga and the kids laughed and laughed, then stopped and said, “Wait.. what’s a rutabaga?” and Lily told them, “I don’t know.. I think it’s like a carrot or something.” That just caused MORE laughter. Gotta love it! She has taken this to a new level, and the other day when she was supposed to be going to sleep I could hear her over her monitor saying “You know what’s silly? Zucchini!! HA HA HAHAHAHA!” (hilarious laughter).

From Lily planting Sept 2010

A few weeks ago, Lily blew me away when out of nowhere she told me, “Mommy, froggies are amphibians.” I had no idea where she picked that up, so I asked her daycare woman, who apparently had read them a library book about amphibians. Lily, being the sponge that she is, just absorbed this information and uses it to make Mommy’s jaw drop. ;) The other day we were reading her Little Mermaid book and she asked something along the lines of why Flounder (the fish) can’t go with them when they go on land, but Sebastian (the crab) can. I told her that Flounder can’t breathe out of the water, but Sebastian the crab can breathe in water and on land. She thought about this for a minute, then asked me, “Are crabs amphibians?”. Uhhh… I won’t lie to you guys. I knew crabs weren’t amphibians, but I had to look up WHY they’re not (exoskeleton), how do you explain THAT to a 2-year-old?? I thought I had at least another 5 years before she asked me a question that I had to look up.

From Lily Sept 2010 C&L, Orchard, C&A

She had a turn in blowing Jason away about a week later, as they were having breakfast before work/daycare. She was asking what the phrase “Holy cow” meant, and Jason told her it was something you said when you were surprised about something, like “Holy cow, Gibson just turned purple!”. She thought that was pretty funny, but then asked why you would say that if Gibson turned purple? Jason laughed and said, “Well, how many purple cats do YOU know?” and she IMMEDIATELY said, “1..2..3. One here, one on word world, and one in my story brown bear.”. Jason thought about it for a minute and realized that she was right (!!), but then she corrected herself, “no, FOUR. Another on the next word world where ant is sick”. That would be a word world she has seen maybe three times, and the purple cat makes a 10 second cameo. What I wouldn’t give for a memory like that!!

From Lily planting Sept 2010

We finally got in gear and bought some landscaping plants to replace 2 that were killed in our 2-part fallen-tree episode last year. Lily was a big help in planting them (only creating a little extra mess!), and now she loves to check on them as we walk in and out of the house. It was honestly mostly Lily and Jason that did the planting while I tried to take pictures, until I was accidentally clocked in the forehead with a trowel. Fun times!

From Lily planting Sept 2010

Other than those stories, we’ve had lots of fun with park visits and movie nights (free rentals on Tues and Wed!), an apple orchard trip, state fair, and renfest, etc. Most people out in public guess that she’s 4 years old (where did she get those tall genes from?) and can hardly believe she’s not even 3 yet. Lily’s imagination is in complete overdrive lately and the biggest downside to that is that she’s becoming afraid of things. She is really scared of thunderstorms, and usually wakes up when it rains overnight. I’m hoping she manages to outgrow that over the winter, before the major storm season hits in spring! She also thinks that she sees “monsters” everywhere. I know it’s just a stage, so we’re riding it out, but it’s keeping us all hopping and slightly sleep-deprived in the meantime. Halloween should be interesting this year…

From Lily Sept 2010 C&L, Orchard, C&A

Speaking of Halloween.. check back around then for the next exciting Lily update! It will be here before we know it. Anybody started Christmas shopping yet?!? ;)

LATE BREAKING NEWS! Just tonight, Lily wrote her name on her chalk board! I don’t think she’s ever done that before. I was making dinner and she came to get me and said, “Mommy, come look!” Then she pointed out what she wrote adn said “See? L.. I.. L.. Y!” I could NOT believe it, so I made her do it again. :) Sorry the video is so dark.. I also took a picture so you could see it better. :) Vide of Lily writing her name.

From Lily Sept 2010 C&L, Orchard, C&A

4 Responses

  1. Shannon Says:

    Oh, she’s getting to be such a big girl :) Isn’t it amazing to watch?

    You guys are such great parents–lucky little lady.

  2. Mama Jill Says:

    Thank you, Shannon! :)

  3. Derek Says:

    Someone missed October :)

  4. Mama Jill Says:

    Derek – OOPS! I meant to update right after Halloween but things got really busy all of the sudden. I will work on an update this week! :)

    Kind of amusing that my comments on this thread are all by the “Bodin kids”! ;) hehe

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