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From Lily May 2010 misc

Time has just been flying by this past month! I started my new job at the U of M, and so far I REALLY like it! The people are super nice, the environment is amazingly efficient given how MASSIVE it is, and every day I leave work at 3:30 and am DONE for the day! I don’t even have to check my email from home at night… a major, major change for the better. It’s hard to believe it’s been a month already, but I do feel like I’m getting into the swing of things, and a few weeks ago I even got an email from my boss saying “Good Job!”. :)

From Lily May 2010 misc

I had a fantastic Mother’s Day this year! My darling daughter and wonderful husband bought me a lens for my camera (which I LOVE), and a gift certificate to use at National Camera – which I used to buy a filter. They set the bar pretty high so now the pressure is on for father’s day! But before I even start thinking about Father’s Day there is another big event coming up next week – Jason’s 30TH BIRTHDAY!! (He’s young, I know.) So glad he will finally join me in this decade, and he gets to lose half of his “old jokes” saying that he’s ONLY in his 20s and I’m all the way in my 30s!

From Lily May 2010 misc

(so mad I had my setting wrong on this pic and it’s so dark because otherwise I love it!)

Tomorrow is Lily’s last day (for the summer) at her regular daycare provider. We have an interesting setup for the summer where Lily will go over to her Auntie Lisa’s house and spend time with her (and Claire and Abby!) three days each week. The other two days she’ll spend at Grandma and Grandpa’s, one day alone and one day with her cousins. I think she’ll have a blast hanging out with her cousins all the time this summer! I feel so thankful that I have such a wonderful family to step up and help us out, and knowing that we have a safe place we can trust to send Lily while we work this summer. I think they’ll have quite a bit of fun with her, too! Wonder if I can get them to write down all the Lily-isms I miss during the day? ;)

From Lily Farm Memorial Day 2010

We have done a number of exciting things since I last posted here – we took Lily to a drive-in movie with her Aunt and Uncles and cousins, which I think she enjoyed! We just watched Shrek and left as they were starting IronMan 2 because she didn’t want to sleep in the car. We went to the water park already a few times at the end of May when it got really warm and she LOVES it this year! Sometimes it takes her a few minutes to “warm up” to the idea of getting doused by freezing cold water, but she always ends up having a blast. We had a fun playdate with our friends Braimee (Brian, Aimee, and Cameron), and we went to an (unrelated) picnic in the rain. Also, we went to Grandma Gayle’s farm over memorial weekend and Lily got to pet a 2-week-old pony! She (and her cousins Eanna, Tali, Khavy, and Dominic) had a GREAT time! I took a BUNCH of pictures and some actually turned out pretty decent (much to my surprise!). I’ve posted a few on this blog, but you can see the whole album here: Memorial Day Farm picture album

From Lily Farm Memorial Day 2010

Lily is becoming such a “big girl” right before our eyes, it’s amazing to watch! Her personality shines through, and I can say without a doubt that she is one of the most funny people I’ve ever known! She is also very sweet and thoughtful, and I love seeing her softer side come out every once in a while. One thing I’m not particularly THRILLED about is that she’s discovered a love of insects lately (Auntie Chandra, you’d be so proud!). Everywhere we go, I can hardly get her to come inside because she’s busy picking up some kind of bug – spiders, ants, box elder bugs, it doesn’t matter to her – she loves them all! We went to a picnic (in the rain) last weekend and she grossed out a whole table of adults by picking up a daddy long legs and holding it in the air with it’s legs squirming all around! Yuck!

From Lily Mothers Day 2010

Lily has been working very hard at making the distinction between “grown-up” and “kid”, and what the different groups are (and aren’t!) allowed to do. She tells me all the time that she’s a big kid, but a “little big kid” and I think she means that she’s growing up but she’s still a little kid and can only do things appropriate for a little kid. A few weeks ago she said to me, “Mommy, I can’t say ‘what the heck’ because I’m a little kid, but when I’m bigger I can say it!”. She also asked me this morning if she was allowed to say “Holy Buckets!” and seemed to take it pretty well when I told her no. ;) Sometimes you can tell she’s being funny on purpose, but other times I think she’s hilarious without even realizing it! She fell out of bed the other night and cried, so I went in and picked her up and asked her, “Are you ok? Did you hit anything?” and she looks at me with these big eyes and quivering lip and said (completely seriously), “Yeah! The GROUND!” As soon as I got back to my own bed, Jason and I laid there and laughed (as silently as we could manage).

From Lily Farm Memorial Day 2010

I feel like there were more stories I should be telling, because literally I find something adorable/hilarious/inspiring or just plain note-worthy almost every single day. However, it is getting past my bedtime now so I will just have to leave you to browse through the multitudes of pictures I’ve taken this time! July’s update will very possibly be late due to the 4th of July holiday and our vacation to the cabin. Have a happy summer everyone!

5 Responses

  1. Derek Says:

    Wow – great pictures! What type of lens and filter did you get?

  2. Mama Jill Says:


    Thanks! I got the “nifty fifty” 50mm 1.8 and a Circular Polarizer filter – loving both of them! The lens is amazing, and I think the filter makes the colors pop so much more. :)


  3. Grandma Jill Says:

    Wonderful pictures of little Lily. What a big girl she is getting to be! Happy Birthday to Jason, and I’m happy to hear the new job is working well. Miss you. Jill M.

  4. Mama Jill Says:

    Grandma Jill – thanks for your comments!! I miss you too, and hope things are going well for you and Henry and little Clark! Hope Hopkins is doing well, also. :)

  5. Auntie Lisa Says:

    I will do my darnest to report any and all adorable Lilyisms that are spoken at my house. I don’t want to disappoint her adoring fans. :) Thanks for letting me taking care of your cute kid this summer!! Day One was great and I know the rest of them will be a blast too.

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