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10:02 pm Lily, twins

From Lily April 2010 lake wildflower garden

Hey, look at that – it’s been a month already! I think this once-a-month blogging is working pretty well for me. :) And, boy, what a month it’s been! Lots of stuff to catch up on. First bit of big news – I got a new job! I no longer work at Hopkins – my last day was April 29th!! On Monday I start as a “System Administrator – Windows” for the Office of Information Technology (OIT) at the University of Minnesota. I’m nervous and super-excited for the change – I’ll be sure to post and keep you updated on how it’s going.

From Lily April 2010 lake wildflower garden

The most difficult part about my new position is that I’m going to be giving up my Fridays off with Lily. I am so incredibly grateful that I’ve been able to have that extra time with her for the first 2 years of her life, but I admit that I will miss it (and her) a lot. To celebrate our “last” friday together today I took her out for lunch, just the two of us. I told her that I’ve had such a fun time with her and enjoyed our “girls Fridays” and she nodded and said, “yeah! I love you so much, little Mommy.” so then I had to choke back the tears! I know I’m a total sap, but the child melts my heart like nobody I have ever met!

From Lily April 2010 lake wildflower garden

Some other big things that have been happening this last month – Lily developed a sudden, unprompted interest in potty training! She asked me three times in one day if she could sit on the big girl potty, so I let her but she didn’t really do anything. I told her daycare woman about it the next day and so she sat her on the potty after lunch and Lily did go pee. I took her out to the store and we bought a potty training chart with stickers, and a bunch of prizes for when she earned enough stickers (I like that idea better than rewarding with M&Ms or the like). My plan was to do a prize from the bag for every 10 “pee” stickers, every 3 “poop” stickers, and if she went potty on the big potty every day for FIVE DAYS STRAIGHT she could get a dress-up dress (that she’s been dying for lately). It started out well, she was really excited and kept talking about the “5 days in a row” excitement, but the excitement fizzled out after a few days before she even earned a single prize. I backtracked and decided the next time she did ANYTHING on the potty that I’d give her a prize to show her that she DOES get rewards, but she hasn’t done anything yet. I think maybe she’s not REALLY ready yet and we may back off and try again in a few months.

From Lily April 2010 lake wildflower garden

Random Lily-isms: A few weeks ago we had strawberry shortcake for dessert, only instead of shortcake we had angelfood cake. I brought it out and Lily announced to everyone – “Yay! It’s my birthday!!” :)

My daycare woman passed this one on to me – a couple of weeks ago Lily was at daycare and told Jenny, “There are 3 girls outside – Maeghan, Molly, and Lexie. There are 3 girls inside – Lily, Emily, and Sadie. There are 6 girls.” Jen said her mouth dropped open and when she finally recovered all she could think to say was, “uh… don’t forget about Jacob?” To be fair, she did say GIRLS. ;)

I painted Lily’s toenails one weekend and then the next weekend we had a sleepover with her cousins Claire and Abby and gave all 3 girls manicures and pedicures. They all did REALLY well and Lily thought it was about the coolest thing ever to wear nail polish – on her toes! A few days later we were out driving and drove by a water fountain, and she matter-of-factly told Jason and I, “That’s a fountain. It waters the grass so it can be pretty. Like my toes.” :)

Speaking of that sleepover – for the first time we attempted to let all 3 girls sleep in the same bed (since Claire and Abby are in Big Girl Beds! now, too!) and I think they’re close but it just did not quite work out. Lily wasn’t very tired, and Claire was VERY tired, so Claire was trying to sleep and Lily and Abby stayed awake talking and giggling and stuff which made Claire upset. We ended up having to move Claire and Abby upstairs to the guest bedroom where Abby promptly climbed out of her pack-and-play and slept in the guest bed. Poor Lisa didn’t get much sleep that night!

Lily was telling me a story about a dream she had the other night and was talking about Dragons, then Dinosaurs. I can’t remember exactly what she said Dinosaurs do, but I just said “Oh, Dinosaurs do that, do they?” and she replied, “Well, only the Pteranodon.” I’m sure she picked this up from a book of hers (Snoozers) that has a Pteranodon in it, but it was still crazy to hear her say that out of the blue! Today she even used the word “intermittent”! She used it incorrectly, but still Jason and I had to ask her 3 times what she said to be sure we were hearing correctly. heh

From Lily Twins sleepover April 2010

Another form of amusement lately – I don’t remember how exactly this started but it seemed accidental that one day at dinner Jason and Lily were talking and started suddenly just saying a word, then going back and forth listing words that rhymed with the original word. “Look – book – took – crook – nook – shook” etc. Lily thought this was HILARIOUS and kept erupting into this enormous and adorable belly laugh, so we’ve made it kind of a game that I call “Rhyme time”. Nice and easy to play in the car when she’s bored, and she seems to love it!

Finally, if anyone has a Burlington Coat Factory near them you should go and check out some of the adorable sundresses they have for little girls! They had a TON of them for like $8.99 when we were there a few weeks ago and of course I couldn’t resist. :) Here’s Lily modeling one of them that evening (and her new Dora sandals – she would be very upset if I didn’t mention those!). Enjoy! Until next month? :)

From Lily Twins sleepover April 2010

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  1. Auntie Lisa Says:

    That is the cutest sundress (and Dora sandals) I’ve ever seen! Lily looks like such a grown up girl in them. Too bad she has to wait until it’s done being 30 DEGREES IN MAY to wear them again. :) “Little Mommy,” your little girls melts my heart, too! Out of the mouths of babes, I tell ya. And this once a month blogging may be working for you, but am I allowed to object?? I need more frequent Lily updates. :) Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!!

  2. Alix Says:

    Doesn’t it seem like your child knows the exact moment when saying “I love you” will mean the most to you?

    Adorable outfit!

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