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From 2010-01 Big girl Bed and joint Bday Party

Well, we had even MORE birthday celebrations this month, beginning with a joint birthday party for Lily (2), Claire (2), Abby (2), and Uncle Greg (30) on January 10th. It was mostly family at the party and we had a great time! Hopefully I can teach Lily that birthdays don’t TYPICALLY last well over a month! The following weekend we had a surprise party for Uncle Greggy for his 30th birthday. It went well, and we pulled off the surprise after a number of close calls! I think Greggy had a good time, and that’s the most important part.

From 2010-01 Big girl Bed and joint Bday Party

Finally, the tale end of the “big girl bed saga”. If you remember from last post, Lily learned to climb out of her crib so we converted it to a toddler bed. In doing so, we found out that her crib had been recalled and needed to be “destroyed” (we had to send in all screws and support plates as proof we weren’t using it). After much debate, we decided to use the crib as the “full-size headboard and footboard” and just buy her a full size box spring, mattress, and rails. We went out and did that the very next weekend, and ended up having to rent a truck to pick up the mattress, drop them off at home, and return the truck (mostly to avoid the $90 delivery fee). We also went all the way down to IKEA to get bed slats only to find out the rails we bought were “slatless rails” so we didn’t need them and need to go return them to IKEA. After all that running, Jason put together the new bed and we realized the bed was SUPER high off the ground. Lily couldn’t even climb up on it with the little steps we put near the bed and I was really afraid of her falling off the bed from that height since she had been falling out of bed pretty frequently since the conversion. Jason and I discussed our options, and finally decided to disassemble the bed, disassemble our guest bed upstairs, and swap the frames. So the guest bed frame is in Lily’s room now with her NEW mattress and box spring, and the guest room has Lily’s bed frame with its original box spring and mattress. PHEW! Way too much drama for a “simple” change! The good news is that the transition is going very well. She sleeps really well in the bed, doesn’t flip around as much as she did in her crib (even keeps her blankets on some nights!) and hasn’t fallen out of bed once. :) She loves the new bed so much that we must do EVERYTHING in bed – change her diaper, read her books, play with dolls or games – everything. I’m sure the novelty may wear off at some point!

From 2010-01 Big girl Bed and joint Bday Party

Now that the big girl bed transition is done, I think our next big milestone is going to be getting rid of the “binky”. It’s starting to drive me crazy! We’ve been really good for quite some time at restricting the binky to sleeping times – naps and bed time – but lately Lily is going in reverse and wants the binky 24/7. I’m sick of trying to find them, and listening to the whine when I tell her binky is only for sleeping! So, I think we’re going to give that a try in the next few weeks – wish us luck!

From 2010-Jan Binkies

Let’s see – on Thursday the 21st I got a call at work from daycare saying Lily had hurt herself. Apparently she was jumping on the couch at daycare and Jen yelled at her to get off the couch and Lily didn’t listen. Jen was walking over to pull Lily down and Lily decided to JUMP OFF THE COUCH and hit the side of her face near her eye on the coffee table. I took her in to Urgent Care and the Doctor was very kind, told me we could do a stitch or two because the cup was somewhat deep, but after talking about the pros and cons I decided against the stitches. Her eye swelled up pretty nice the next day (about half-way shut) and she had a nice black eye but I was really impressed at how quickly it healed. Unfortunately, the “jumping” lesson was NOT learned as she continues to jump on the couch and on the bed and is way too acrobatic and daring for my comfort!

Right after injury:

From 2010 Jan – black eye
From 2010 Jan – black eye

Next Day:

From 2010 Jan – black eye
From 2010 Jan – black eye
From 2010 Jan – black eye

Day 3:

From 2010 Jan – black eye

Finally, last weekend we took Lily out to her first movie! We went to the Cinema Grill where Lily got in free and Jason and I were only $2.50, and saw “The Princess and the Frog”. It was actually a great way to try out going to a movie because it was cheap so we weren’t wasting much if we needed to walk out and leave, plus she was somewhat distracted by food, and we sat on a bench in the back so she had more room to move around. She did REALLY good the whole time – at first she was so amazed she was just STARING at the screen with her mouth hanging open. It was so much fun to watch! She was perfectly well-behaved through the whole movie until about half an hour before the end when she stood up and announced to the theater “I’m ALL DONE with this movie!”. heheheh

From 2010 Jan – surprise party

Random updates – Lily has been getting argumentative over every little thing lately. For instance, reading one of her books that mentions a cow eating grass and she tells me “No, Mommy. A cow does NOT eat GRASS.” And I’ll say “I think he does, honey” and she says “I think he does NOT.” (Then she went on to say a cow eats fruit snacks – HA!) She also loves her new bed, which I mentioned above, and she is still doing amazingly well with her verbal skills and word recognition. She knows all of her letters and what sound they make, and she’s starting to recognize some words when written down (Lily, hat, water to name a few). She LOVES pointing out letters on ANYTHING anywhere we go and always wants to know “what is that spell?” when she reads them aloud to us. Lily loves to call some of her scribbles certain letters, and Jen said she’s going to start working with her on writing her name. I just can’t believe how big she’s getting! It happens so fast. I saw a 6-week old baby today and can hardly remember Lily being that small already, and sometimes can’t believe she’s not STILL that small – how does the time go so fast? Hope things are well with you all and I’ll try and update again sooner rather than later!

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  1. Auntie Lisa Says:

    I know she’s supposed to look smaller in her giant bed, but she seems so much bigger/older in her big girl bed – crazy! Let me know how banishing the binky goes – we’re hoping to try it soon ourselves!

    Hoping my acrobatic niece has no more injuries! :) Love, Auntie Lisa

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