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From Christmas 2009

Good thing I didn’t make a resolution to blog more in 2010, because I’d already be in trouble! We had a FANTASTIC Christmas (many Christmases!) this year, and it was so much fun for me to see Lily really get into it this year.

From Christmas 2009

So.. in case you didn’t notice – we got some snow! The Christmas 2009 Blizzard did it’s best to mess up our Holiday plans, but we still managed to fit everything in.. just sometimes a day or so later than planned. :) We went over to my parents house on Christmas Eve and spent the whole day there with Grandma and Grandpa, Great-Aunt Pat, Auntie Lisa, Uncle Ryan, Cousins Claire and Abby, and Uncle Greggy. Lily was somewhat sick and didn’t nap AT ALL so by the time we ate and started opening some presents, she was having a bit of a meltdown. The meltdown only lasted through the 1st present, then she realized that all those presents were for HER and she got to open them and keep them and somehow she got a second wind! :)

From Christmas 2009

Lily got so many presents – I don’t even know where to begin! She got very excited to open each present and sometimes didn’t even want to look at what it was for more than a minute because she was anxious to start opening the NEXT present!

From Christmas 2009

Due to the weather, we all ended up spending the night at Grandma and Grandpa’s house (except for the Lambert clan), and amazingly Santa found us there on Christmas morning! ;) We woke up Christmas morning and were just doing normal stuff – I had to change Lily’s diaper, etc, waiting for everyone to get up and moving and I think Grandma was almost more excited to go see what Santa brought than Lily was! Finally, we did tell her that Santa came and we should go downstairs and see what he brought and then she got really excited!

From Christmas 2009

Our original plan had been to drive down to Jason’s Moms house on Christmas Day, but because of the bad weather we decided to push it off one day. We ended up spending most of the rest of the day at my parents house, then met the extended family at Aunty Pat’s house for pie in the afternoon. The most exciting part of that was getting to meet my newest 2nd cousin – Alexander Lawrence! He was only 1 week old at Christmas and SO good – he slept through the whole thing. He’s adorable!

From Christmas 2009

Christmas evening we went home and unpacked all of our stuff from that sleepover, and repacked for our trip to the farm. Right away Saturday morning we headed out to Jason’s Mom’s house and met up with Jason’s family (Grandma Gayle, Grandma Jim, Uncle Shawn, Aunt Shannon, Cousins Arian, Tali, Eanna AND even the Wilkemeyers (Aunt Chandra, Uncle Aaron, cousins Akasha and Aria) were in town from VA! We had another great Christmas down at the farm, and Lily got to sit on and pet a couple of horses!

From Christmas 2009

Overnight at Grandma Gayles, Lily made a new discovery – that she could climb out of her pack-and-play without help. I was really hoping she’d never discover this! We would put her in it to go to sleep, and she’d climb right back out. One time she climbed back out immediately, before I could even sit down again. Finally, she did sleep well but it was only a few days later at home that she decided to try it in her crib. I heard her waking up and went into her room and saw her with one leg on top of her crib rail up to her knee, and trying to hoist herself on top of the rail. She looked over at me and said “This is scary!”. You’re telling me, kiddo! So, that night we converted her crib to a “toddler bed” (day bed kind of thing). In doing so, we realized that her crib has been recalled so we’re trying to figure out exactly what we’re going to do. I think we might end up getting her a new, full-size bed, and use the voucher we get to buy a new crib and just leave it in the box until we need it again whenever we have another baby. I can’t believe how fast Lily is growing up! This “big girl bed” has been quite an adventure, and she seems like such a big kid to me. It’s so bittersweet!

The only unfortunate part about her new bed is naps. They have been pretty hit or miss for the last few months, but since switching her crib to a bed she hasn’t napped in it once. She still naps at daycare, and she napped at my parents house once, but she won’t nap at home which has been frustrating – I’m not ready to give up nap time yet!

From NYE 2009 and big girl bed

Sorry, I rambled off there – once we got back from Grandma Gayle’s (that Sunday) our friend Travis came to visit from New Mexico! It was nice to see him, even though I didn’t get to spend much time hanging out and I had to work the next day. I think he’ll be back this summer, so I’ll look forward to hanging out with him more then! Now, let’s fast-forward to New Years Eve. We had spent so much time running over our long Christmas weekend that I think we were all in need of a more low-key weekend at home, and to just spend some time together without things to do all the time. We went to the Beaverson’s for the 2nd Annual NYE sledding party on Thursday afternoon, and that was fun (though COLD) and our only real planned event for the whole long weekend!

From NYE 2009 and big girl bed

We had a really nice, relaxing long weekend that we spent together. Lily did really good in her new bed (she slept in until 9 am – twice!), we did a few casual errands and got some things done around the house, took down Christmas decorations and found a way to rearrange the toys in the Living Room to incorporate all her new Birthday and Christmas toys.

From NYE 2009 and big girl bed

Just general Lily updates – She continues to amaze me constantly. She knows all of her letters, the ABC song, and the ABC song with a word for every letter (A, “ah” alligator, B “buh” ball, etc). Today her daycare woman told me she was playing Boggle Jr. with two of the preschool girls and actually PLAYING it! She has been very concerned with feelings lately – understanding her feelings, and ours. She says “I love you” and “I love you so much” and gives us giant hugs. SHe asks if we’re happy, or upset, and tells us “I’m so happy!”. She’s had some cute sayings, most of which I haven’t remembered to write down in time, but I did catch some of them! Yesterday she said to me “Mommy, can I have a nest like duck?” I said, “Don’t you want to sleep in a bed like Mommy and Daddy?” And she said, “No, I want to sleep in a nest. Like Duck.” :) A few weeks ago, Jason and I were talking while Lily was playing near us in the Living room, and Jason said “well, in one of the most under-reported scientific discoveries of the year – ” and Lily interrupted with “the sun is HOT!” which just made us laugh like crazy. I am still just absolutely loving this age!

From Christmas 2009

Finally, I’ll leave you with a video of Lily singing her ABC song, but be sure to stay tuned until the very end when she has a big announcement to make – “My Mommy is _____!” :)

Lily sings the alphabet with Words from Jill W on Vimeo.

4 Responses

  1. Auntie Lisa Says:

    Oh, how fun! Reading your post makes me want to do Christmas all over again! Glad you had a good time on NYE, too, and got lots done on your long weekend. Keep the posts, cute pics, and cute Lily videos coming, Cute Mommy Jillo!

  2. Alix Says:

    My favorite part is the “this is scary!” line.

    I can hear my child singing and jumping around in his crib right now (formerly known as nap time), so it might be a no-nap day for us, too. Seems to come with the two-year-old territory.

    Great pictures!!

  3. Shannon Says:

    Pregnant?? My Mommy is pregnant??

    Grrr…Vimeo doesn’t play well on my computer these days. I can’t watch!!!!

    I hope she says “pregnant.” :)

  4. Mama Jill Says:

    Shannon – LOL! I should just leave you in suspense.. just kidding! No, NOT pregnant. Lily just says “My Mommy is cute!”. :)

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