9:36 pm birthday, Lily

From 2009-12-13

It’s so hard to believe – my baby is two years old already! It just amazes me that two years has flown by, yet I can’t remember living life without her in it. I am so grateful for the chance to be her Mommy, and Jason and I can honestly say we have never laughed as much in our life as we do now that she’s part of our every day.

From 2009-12-13

Lily had a great day! She woke up a bit too early from a coughing fit, but became so instantly enamored with the Christmas Tree we had decorated after she went to sleep the night before that she forgot all about the rough start to the morning! We brought one of her birthday presents into the living room overnight so she could open it right away in the morning. She kept staring at it as if it couldn’t be real, and Jason and I kept encouraging her to rip the paper off and open it already. Finally, she tore it a little bit, then came running over to me and said “Mommy, fix it!”. Once she finally got the idea that she COULD rip the paper off and wasn’t going to get in trouble, she did a great job opening the easel and played with it off and on all morning!

From 2009-12-13

After all of that excitement, Daddy and Lily played with the Easel in the living room and watched “Word World” (Lily’s favorite show) while I made her a very special breakfast. She didn’t end up EATING much of the special breakfast, however, because she filled herself up on the drinkable yo-baby yogurt we gave her (or as she calls it – “spoonie” (smoothie)). We played with her most of the morning, and gave her a super-fun bath where she got to pour water all over Mommy! Mommy then made her a special lunch of Mac-and-Cheese, but by this point she was getting pretty tired and cranky. We finished lunch and brought her over to Grandma and Grandpa’s house to nap so we could put some decorations up (at their house) while she was sleeping. Of course the flaw in that plan is that whenever we NEED her to nap, she won’t. This was no exception! I left her in the room for about an hour, trying to get her to sleep, and we were able to get everything we needed to get done during that time.

From 2009-12-13

We ended up having my whole family, and Jason’s brother, his wife, and their kids all at my parents house for cake and presents and it was total chaos! Lily forgot all about her earlier reservations in ripping off the wrapping paper and went to town opening all of her presents. She got a LOT of nice stuff, and was totally spoiled! She would sometimes hardly look at one present before wanting to rip open the next one. :) She got two Word World DVDs, Tinkerbell DVD, a sled, the “Tag Jr.” reading system by Leap Frog, a puzzle, a kid-tough digital camera, a rocking chair, a book and gift certificate to Half-Price Books, and a toy kitchen! The Toy kitchen was a huge hit, and instantly had all 5 girls (age 4 and under) swarming it and fighting over the pieces. They continued to play with it throughout the afternoon, and I think it’s going to be one of her favorite new toys at our house – as soon as I find a place to put it!

From 2009-12-13

Finally, we got to Lily’s favorite part – the part she had been talking about ALL DAY. The cake, of course! We got her a Yellow Butter cake with Strawberry Cream filling from The Cake Box (the same place that did our wedding cakes!) and it was delicious! Lily ate an ENTIRE piece of cake AND strawberry ice cream! After the sugar high wore off, she crashed HARD on the way home and slept through us carrying her in, and even laying her down on the couch. Poor, wiped out little birthday girl!

Anyway, all in all it was a great day and I can’t believe it’s mid-December already, and that it’s been two years since she was born! Sorry if this post seems broken-up and hard to follow – it took me two days and 4 separate starts to write the whole thing! If I don’t post again before then, have a Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays) everyone!

From 2009-12-13

3 Responses

  1. Shannon Says:

    Two years old already?? Wow! Happy Birthday to your sweet girl :)

  2. Alix Says:

    Wow, sounds like she had a great birthday! And the cake sounds awesome; you can’t go wrong with cake box!! Happy birthday, Lily.

  3. Auntie Lisa Says:

    What a great day! I can’t believe Lily is 2, but is some ways, she seems a lot older. It’s all that talking she does! Happy birthday, adorable niece!

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