Dear Winter:

9:52 pm Blog, Lily

I think we should see other people. Actually, I’d like to never see you again. You have been so cold and overbearing this year, I think everybody would be happy to see you go! You have held us all captive indoors and spread more germs than I care to recall. Please take the hint and leave before you alienate even your most hardcore fans. Tell spring we are ready to see her again already!

Thank you.

From Lily Feb 6-18 2009

Ok, so, I realize that I am a dork – no need to point it out! I just didn’t want to start another post with “it’s been a while since my last update.. blah blah blah”. Plus, I truly am sick of winter and sick of everyone being sick! Lily has yet another cold and both Jason and I have had a stomach bug this week (2nd time in just over a month for me!) and I have had enough already!

From Lily Feb 6-18 2009

Other than being sick, things have been going pretty well! We had a playdate with Brian, Aimee, and Cameron the other weekend, and we all had a great time. Lily has gotten old enough now that she and Cameron can interact and play together a little better, and she had a great time bouncing in his big “bouncy toy”, and spent almost an hour collecting a car or two from him then bringing them to me or Jason or Brian, then taking them back and bringing them back to Cameron. It gave us adults a nice chance to sit and catch up a bit.

From Lily Feb 6-18 2009

Lily is growing and changing as always, and it’s just hard to believe how completely amazing she is to us, every single day. She is trying to say so many new words all the time – mostly different animal names or animal sounds. She has been drooling like crazy, and her 4th bottom tooth finally broke through the other day (she had only 3 teeth on the bottom for the longest time). She knows how to clap her hands and stomp her feet to “if you’re happy and you know it..”. She loves her bounce and spin pony, and always climbs on it, then points to the TV so we put on the program that goes with it. Speaking of her bounce and spin pony, that toy may get her in trouble because she thinks anything on all fours is meant for her to climb on top of and ride around. I’ve mentioned before that she does this to her poor cousins when they crawl by, but today we heard she also tried to do this to one of the younger (10-month-old) kids at Daycare! Claire and Abby are getting almost too fast for Lily to crawl on their backs, so this weekend she resorted to throwing herself on top of them and hanging onto their shirts and having them pull her around that way. She is resourceful, I’ll give her that much!

From Lily Feb 6-18 2009

Lily’s cutest new trick: somersaults (assisted, of course). She puts her head and feet on the ground with her butt up in the air and wants us to come and grab her feet and flip them over her head so she rolls and lands flat on her back. It’s cute, but she just wants you to help her do this over and over and over and over about 4839393489286 times!

Her not-so-cute new tricks: she climbs on the dishwasher door whenever we have it open, and has learned how to open the oven door now, too. We actually ended up putting a safety latch on the oven door so she can’t open it, because she’s gotten way too close to getting hurt! We also finally had to move the cat’s food and water downstairs because she just cannot resist (the water especially).

From Lily Feb 6-18 2009

So far the 2nd year is not going any slower than the first year! I really do like this age, though, and think she is so much fun to watch right now! I love to watch her learn and explore, and she constantly amazes me with the new things she can do. I don’t think I’m normally a “mushy” person, but I can’t help but get a little mushy when I talk about her. Our daycare woman always teases us that Lily never has to worry about being unloved, and she pretty much nailed that one. :)

4 Responses

  1. Proud Auntie Lisa Says:

    Oh, I like it when you’re mushy, Jillo! And you have every right to be because you have an amazing and wonderful daughter. She is doing so much! She is so fun to watch. Also, I would like to add my name to your “Dear Winter” letter. I’m SOOO done with Winter, too! California, here we come!

  2. Alix Says:

    That first picture is so funny, it’s like she’s moving so fast even the camera couldn’t catch her. Sorry you guys have been sick; Sebastian has a nasty cough this week. It sucks, but I’m kind of enjoying the snuggling. And he’s actually sitting quietly on my lap while I read other people’s blogs.

  3. Proud Auntie Lisa Says:

    Hello, Jillo! Your blog is like 10 days old now. I’m jonesing for a Lily update! :)

  4. Mama Jill Says:

    awww, man, I am totally slacking! I was planning on updating tonight, but ran out of time and now I need to sleep because I’m TIRED! I will update within the next few days – I promise!

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