tree vs. house

10:17 am Lily

From Fallen Tree – 9-23-08

And the winner is… still undecided. I think the house pretty much won this one as there doesn’t SEEM to be much damage (still pending inspection, but I think we’re ok). Plus, the whole “house still standing whereas tree – not so much” thing. I don’t even know if that was a valid sentence. Moving on..

From Lily September 18-21

Speaking of moving.. guess who decided to prove me wrong and start CRAWLING?!?!? If you guessed Lily then you’re right! (If you guessed something other than Lily, I think you’ve missed the point of this blog.) It’s crazy, just last Thursday (the 18th) she did her little cartwheel and got back on her hands and knees then shuffled forward like a 90 year old woman. After about 1 ft she cartwheeled and then stood up. My jaw literally dropped open! She’s done it a number of times since then, too, but it’s always completely minimal and only when absolutely necessary. On Friday she showed Grandma and Grandpa but she was heading straight for the fan to stick her hand inside and my Mom was freaking out like “Stop her – she’s going for the fan” and I was freaking out saying “Mom – WATCH her! She’s CRAWLING!”. Perspective, man. I knew I could stop her 90-year-old shuffle before she got hurt. :) Her normal routine now usually goes something like this: cartwheel to the left, cartwheel to the right, shuffle-crawl for 1-2 feet, cartwheel, pull up. It’s so much fun to watch her!

From Lily September 18-21

In other news, just today she started to do a BUNCH of new things! (Why do they always seem to come in batches?) She learned how to “Hi-5″ and wave bye-bye!! I’ve been waiting for the waving one because I think it’s just SO cute!! She is also standing by herself (without holding on) quite a lot and today she took two steps towards me without help!! I don’t think I’m counting them as her official “first steps” mainly because she sort of lunges towards me and lets her feet keep up, but I think she’ll figure it out pretty soon. Then again, I thought she wouldn’t crawl so don’t take my word!

From Lily September 18-21

Well with all of this excitement going on, Lily and I had to do something to bring us down a notch or two so we both went and got colds. Stupid fall colds! I think Lily is handling it better than I am, but my main problem is just that I’m so TIRED! Just totally wiped out, and it can be hard to take care of my sick baby when I just want to crawl in bed and have somebody take care of ME. Welcome to being a Mommy, huh? I should have read the fine print on that contract. ;)

From Lily September 18-21

Last Saturday we went to a Wedding and Lily came with, as did her cousins Claire and Abby! All three babies were VERY well-behaved despite being out way past their bedtimes. They did some dancing (Lily even did the dollar dance and handed over the dollar herself), some chowing, some socializing – it was fun! For dessert they had homemade cheesecake instead of wedding cake because the groom makes and sells cheesecakes out of his house (soooooooo good!) and so we gave Lily a little taste and she LOVED it. I mean LOVE, LOVE, LOVED it! Then she reached over and put her hands on either side of my face and pulled me in for a HUGE wet kiss right on the lips. Everyone laughed and said “awwww, how cute” – then a few minutes later she did it AGAIN. Finally I realize that she’s pulling me in for a “kiss” after EVERY BITE of cheesecake, just so she can try and sneak some for herself! Oh no, I think she has her father’s sweet tooth.. but it was hilarious and so incredibly adorable!

From Lily September 18-21

Finally, in unrelated news – about 2 weeks ago I went with my sister to complete one of her “30 ways to celebrate turning 30″ tasks and get our hair cut. I was just sick of my hair and had no ideas, so I told Jess “do whatever you want”. She was REALLY excited, and she did a great job! She cut my hair pretty short (chin length or so), dyed it brown and put highlights in it so I’d “feel like a blond” – HA! Anyway, I think it turned out pretty cute and I really like it! Here are before and after pics for your review:

From Jill – makeover


From Jill – makeover
From Jill – makeover

EDITED TO ADD: ok, now she is crawling all over the place, and picking up speed! She still cartwheels occasionally, but she’s doing it less and less. And she no longer shuffles like a 90-year-old woman. Today she was playing on the other side of the living room and I said “Lily, come to Mama” and she crawled right over to me – soooooooo cute! Let the chasing begin!

Oh, and another thing I forgot to mention that Lily has been doing lately is turning pages of her book when we read to her at night. I’ll get done with a page and say “Ok, Lily, flip the page!” and she does. :) It’s so cute. She’s even been picking up on some non-verbal clues to know when to turn the page, so like when I “let go” of the page to get ready to turn it, sometimes she reaches out and turns it right away without waiting for me to say anything. I think she’s just about ready for Kindergarten!!! :)

5 Responses

  1. Grandma Says:

    Kindergarten? I think she’s ready for COLLEGE!!

  2. Grampa Says:

    I think Lily should get all her schooling from ‘Grampa’. Too many boys at the schools!

  3. Proud Auntie Lisa Says:

    Yea for crawling!!! I totally think she should skip kindergarten and go straight to college, too. What a smartie pants! Maybe she should learn to walk first, though, before tackling college. Just a thought! Keep it up, Liliantor! You owe me a high-5 next time I see you!

  4. Terri Osland Says:

    I can’t believe that I did not notice the cute new hair when I saw you yesterday. I really like it!

  5. Jeremy Says:

    Cara and I both think that your hair looks great – we both got ours cut recently, too!

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