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From Lily – Virgin…

We’re back! Our trip to Virginia was fantastic, and Lily was very, very good. Well, I did say I wouldn’t be surprised if Lily made a major development or two while we were gone, didn’t I? It’s not exactly the development I was expecting, but while we were in VA, Lily learned how to drive (pictured above)! We figured what better time for starting drivers ed than in a rental car in a totally different state? Ok, obviously I’m just kidding! I did expect that she might start to crawl, but she hasn’t done that yet. Instead, she did ALL of the following IN THE LAST WEEK (holy cow):
1. learn to feed herself her own bottle – including lifting it up when she starts to “suck air”
2. learn to sit herself up (going from laying down to sitting up without help)
3. PULL TO A STAND – her new favorite thing to do and she does it CONSTANTLY
4. After standing, hold onto the side of something (crib rail, etc) and WALK alongside it.
5. I honestly think she’s started trying to say some words (more on this later in the post)

Ok, WOW. Seriously if she doesn’t slow down I really WILL be updating talking about driver’s ed! It seems almost as if she has LESS interest in crawling then ever before. She can get on her hands and knees and rock back and forth (and scoot backwards) but she whines about it the whole time. She really just wants to stand up and take steps.. I really wonder if she might not skip the crawling stage entirely. As for saying words – she’s been able to say “mama” and “dada” for a few months, but it always SEEMED like just kind of babbling – like she didn’t know it was referring to Jason or I. The other day we noticed when Gibson walked in front of her that she said something that kind of sounds like “goo-gee”, but (how to explain this) the “tone” or pattern (?) of the word really sounded like “kitty”. Jason and I laughed and said “oh, look – she said kitty!” just totally kidding around of course. The weird thing is that I’ve now heard her make that EXACT same sound at least 2 more times when Gibson catches her eye, and I really wonder if she IS saying “kitty”? Maybe she can say “mama” and “dada” and mean it, too – but how do you know if she understands it? BABIES ARE SO UNCLEAR! heh :)

From Lily – Virgin…

Ok, now about the trip! The flight went REALLY well – Lily hardly cried, slept quite a bit of the time, and managed to charm everyone in the seats around us. We just loved seeing Auntie Chandra, Uncle Aaron, and Cousins Akasha and Aria! The girls have grown so much and they’ve got such adorable personalities! They were both Lily’s little helpers all week long. :) We did far too much to post details about every day, so I’ll just pretty much summarize the highlights. One day we took the metro into DC and went to the International Spy Museum and out to dinner. Two times we went swimming in this cool pool at the aquatic center near Chandra and Aaron’s house. Another day, Jason, Lily, and I took the metro into DC again and visited the washington monument, the reflecting pool, and the lincoln memorial (we walked all up and down “the mall”). Lily sat out on their patio and “painted” with yogurt, which she liked, and we drove on “Skyline Drive” and had a picnic lunch in the Appalachian Mountains. Over all, we just had a GREAT time seeing everybody again and just visiting until late into the night.

From Lily – Virgin…

Immediately when we got back into town we lowered Lily’s crib mattress to it’s lowest setting. We are planning on spending some time this week buying stuff to help baby-proof the house and will hopefully set it all up this weekend. I keep telling Jason that Lily is not going to wait for us to get our act together – she could start really moving ANY day and I think it’s going to go VERY quickly. We have more excitement this week as Uncle Shawn, Aunt Shannon, and Cousins Arian, Tali, and Eanna (I believe) are all going to be in town W-F because Shannon has a conference to go to for work. Thursday is also Grandma’s birthday, and Saturday is MY birthday. NEXT Saturday (the 23rd) is Auntie Lisa’s BIG 3-0 birthday, too! She’s looking for suggestions on how to celebrate (or mourn), so head over to Lambertville if you have any suggestions for her!

From Lily – Virgin…

Finally, I’ll leave you with this cute Lily-video! This was just before we lowered her crib, and it’s not a great video because it doesn’t really show you what she can do – but she did it ALL herself. She pulled herself up to standing and is holding onto the crib rail and “walking” (side-stepping) up and down the crib a little bit, trying to get to the kitty. As you can tell, Gibson is THRILLED that she’s getting more mobile and wants to “pet” him! Enjoy!

P.S. I keep forgetting to mention that she also started CLAPPING a few weeks ago – it’s really cute! I have to try and get it on video.

3 Responses

  1. Auntie Lisa Says:

    Lily is changing so much so quickly! I’m glad you had a great time in Virginia, and that Lily has learned (among other things) to drive. She’d get my vote for president any day!

  2. Mama Jill Says:

    Awww, thanks Auntie Lisa!! :)

  3. Shannon Says:

    I’m glad your trip went well! I can’t believe how Lily’s growing…it seems like she was born just a few months ago!

    (Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry–I’m late reading your post. I didn’t realize it was your birthday…hope it was fun!)

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