“One of the hard things about kids is…

10:43 pm Lily

…that there’s no OFF button!” (said to me today by a wise man, known as my husband). :)

From Lily July 18-21

So.. long time, no update. Sorry about that! I don’t know what happened to last week, it just kind of vanished. This past weekend we went to Rochester again to celebrate cousins Eanna, Arian, and Dominic’s birthdays (pictured above). As it is anytime you get a ton of kids together, it was complete chaos, but fun to see everyone! Unfortunately I picked up a little stomach bug while we were there, so I’ve spent the last few days fighting that and trying to avoid passing it on to Lily. So far it looks as if I’ve been successful! One interesting thing that happened while we were there – one of the other mothers told me Lily was beautiful. I smiled and said thanks, and she said “no, seriously – I mean she is stunning! drop-dead gorgeous! She’ll be a real knock-out someday.” Now, there was a part of me that had mixed feelings about that statement because I really do believe personality, integrity, intelligence, and a million other things are more important than beauty (plus drop-dead gorgeous is a strange phrase to use for a 7-month old), there was a part of me that felt somehow proud (?) and it made me smile. Just an interesting exchange.

From Lily July 18-21

Oh my gosh, what to even share with you wonderful internet viewers? Lily is still growing and changing very quickly and I think I fall more in love with her everyday. She still has no teeth, and doesn’t crawl, but manages to get around somehow! If she’s on her tummy she can scoot backwards pretty well (I think she’s TRYING to get up on her knees but hasn’t quite figured it out yet) and of course she can spin herself around in circles, which is always interesting. I know she’s going to just figure things out one day fairly soon and the chasing will begin, so I keep trying to get motivated with baby-proofing a bit early but that requires being HOME for more than 2 seconds! Maybe someday. :)

From Lily July 18-21

She has also learned to play peek-a-boo, which is ADORABLE and I had a really cute video of it the other week but our memory card got corrupted and had to be reformatted so I lost it. :( I took another video that I’ll post below but it’s not quite as cute as the first one! Lily has also started making this “OH” face on a regular basis and I have no idea why – maybe the world just amazes her. :) She’s even making a little “oooohhh” sound to go with it sometimes (watch the video below and you can see the “oh” face once or twice, plus her lovely habit of sucking on her bottom lip)! She’s also started doing this thing with her hands when we’re feeding her baby food – immediately after we put the food in her mouth, she shoves her fingers right in. I don’t know if that’s her way of “contributing” to feeding herself or what, but it certainly can be messy because she gets half the food on her hands instead of swallowing it, then proceeds to rub her eyes or touch her hair, etc. You get the picture. This weekend my great-aunt Gloria is coming into town with some of her family, so we’re going to spend some time with them and go to a “picnic” at my Aunts (and Grandma’s) house – to which I apparently have to bring that green jello salad stuff.. internet, don’t let me forget! THEN, (exciting news) a week from sunday Jason, Lily, and I are flying to VIRGINIA so Lily can meet Auntie Chandra, Uncle Aaron, and Cousins Akasha and Aria! Woohoo! We’re very excited about the trip and more than a little nervous flying with a baby! I’m sure it will be fine, but any tips or tricks are welcome! Sorry for slacking on the updates lately, I’ll try to keep posting at least semi-regularly so none of you miss out on your Lily-fix!

2 Responses

  1. Shannon Says:

    CUTE video! She’s such a cutie. And so happy!

    We’ve never flown with Eva, but I’ve directed a few people to this list by Maggie Mason:


    Hope there’s something in there that helps you out. Good luck! I’m looking forward to stories (and pictures!) from your trip.

  2. Alix Says:

    Sorry if this is weird to point out, but Derek and I have the same sheets as you. Could we have anything else in common!

    One thing I’ve heard about flying (maybe this is obvious) is not to bring full bottles to the airport because they’ll make you dump them. Just bring the powder and mix it on the plane.

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