7 months!

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From Lily July 13th

Lily is 7 months old today! She’s officially closer to being 1 year old than she is to being a newborn. Seriously, HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? I am still loving this age and she is such a happy baby with the most amazing personality… I could go on all day, but there is oh so much else to tell!

From Lily July 3-11

We have had a busy, busy week (and a half?) with LOTS of new experiences! On the 4th of July we headed to Wisconsin to go to the cabin my siblings and I pretty much grew up in during our childhood summers. It was quite a different experience this time, with 7 adults and 3 babies crammed into a 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom cabin – but it was so much fun! The time went way too quickly and I wish I could get back there more often. Right away when we got there on the 4th we took Lily, Claire, and Abby to the beach club so they could all go swimming in the “big pool” for the very first time! Lily wasn’t too sure about it at first because the water felt a little cold, but she quickly adapted and then she LOVED it! The twins seemed to like it pretty well that first time, too – but the next time we brought them it wasn’t quite so successful. Perhaps it was too close to nap time?!? :)

From Lily July 3-11

Along with swimming, we also helped introduce the twins to watermelon in the mesh feeders! They LOVED it, and it’s good timing because Abby already has the beginning of a tooth popping through! Claire and Abby also tried sweet potatoes for the first time while we were up there, and Lily got a mini-serving of my Dad’s spaghetti which was a hit. We tried to let the girls play together a bit, but they’re still a bit too young to really get into it. Lily tries to grab their feet, hands, or heads and suck on them (sometimes pulling them in by the eyelid – ouch), and Claire and Abby just look at her like they don’t know what to think! I did give them all some tummy time and had all 3 babies rolling over repeatedly once when Lisa was gone, but of course once “Mama” was back the twins refused to cooperate!

From Lily July 3-11

Now, I know that 3 babies this close in age will tend to draw attention – but man, in such a small town it was like they’d never seen babies at all! We got stopped constantly and many people wanted to know if they were triplets – I guess I can’t blame them since they are so close in age and do look a little bit alike. I’m sure this is something they will get very sick of hearing as they get older – especially Lily since she’s the “and one” in “twins and one”, which probably doesn’t make her feel too special.

From Lily July 3-11

Once we got back to the cities, we decided to help Lily celebrate turning 7 months old by taking her to the zoo for the first time. We decided to go to the Como Zoo (free) and there were WAY more people than I expected to be there. We literally drove around the whole parking area twice before we even found a spot to park. Lily is a little young to really appreciate the animals, but she seemed to like them and she LOVED watching the other people. Sometimes there would be an animal right in front of her doing something neat and we’d be pointing at it saying “Look, Lily!” but she was too busy smiling at the little kids next to her that were looking at the animal. Maybe next year things will be different, but it still was fun! We even thought about stopping at the Whiz Bang Days carnival since we’ve never gone, but there was a carnival at the Zoo so we just walked through that one instead. Maybe next year we’ll make it to Whiz Bang stuff.

From Lily July 13th

Hope you all had a great week as well! Do I really have to go back to work tomorrow?!? :(

By the way, there are not one, but TWO albums of pictures this time! Notice the different links under the pictures – one is July 3-11, the other is July 13th. Be sure to check them both out to see evidence of all the fun we’ve been having! :)

4 Responses

  1. Auntie Lisa Says:

    Oh, the zoo looked like so much fun!! I wish we could have come with. Next time! I love your pictures of all three girls together at the cabin! So cute!! Maybe instead of “twins and one” we should say, “It’s super star Lily and her twin cousins.” That should keep her from feeling too bad! :)

  2. Alix Says:

    Don’t worry, you were probably better off at the zoo than at Whiz Bang. We walked through and just kept on walking.

    Happy 7 months, Lily!

  3. Shannon Says:

    Whiz Bang days! I remember that! And do they still hold Tater Daze?

    We had the same experience the first time we tried to take Eva to Como. We drove around and around, and I finally told her grandpa to just drive home. We came back on a Monday, and (other than a few daycare groups) we pretty much had the run of the place.

    Seven months! When did that happen?

  4. Mama Jill Says:

    Shannon – yes, they do still have tater daze! I think it’s in late June, though? I can’t honestly remember.

    Alix – good to know about Whiz Bang – glad we didn’t waste our time! The carnival at como sure looked fun.. we’ll have to keep it in mind in a few years!

    Lisa – super star Lily! Woohoo! Maybe we should just give up and start telling people they’re triplets? :)

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