Long overdue

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My apologies! I always seem to miss Halloween updates and now I practically skipped Thanksgiving, too! Plus, my very own sister has posted FOUR blog posts since my last post – how shameful! I am THANKFUL for any of you that are still with me, reading this semi-deserted blog!

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Let’s see, since last time.. Lily is still REALLY enjoying school! We even went to conferences for her in October and heard that she is doing really well, and scored a nearly perfect score on the fall/winter/spring assessment they do. She showed them that she knows her letters, what they look like and sound like, can count to 13 without skipping numbers (she actually can count much higher but usually forgets 13 still), can pick out words that rhyme (from a list) and create her own rhymes with other words, etc. The teacher said she is one of the ONLY kids who consistently plays dress-up during free time (what a shock – NOT!), and she also loves art and the Creative Dramatics area. None of this is surprising in the least! :)

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At the end of September, Lily also started her very first DANCE CLASS! The class meets once a week for 45 minutes, and covers tap and ballet. So far I think she really likes it, and watching those 3 and 4 year olds dance is just a whole new realm of adorable! The main teacher for the class also happens to be a preschool teacher at Lily’s school, so that works out REALLY well and she is VERY patient and understanding with the kids!

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October – I don’t remember MUCH about October other than the fact that the weather was GORGEOUS! We got a ton of our fall outside work done this year, more than we have in any past year! We’ve also been trying to complete a lot of random jobs around our house (some may call it “deferred maintenance”), and get it ready to hopefully sell, or possibly rent out relatively soon.

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Then came – HALLOWEEN! Lily was VERY excited about Halloween this year, and had an absolute blast! She picked out her costume (it was technically a Barbie Mariposa costume, but she just calls it “butterfly fairy”, so that’s what we called it, too.), went trick or treating for just over an hour, then came home and handed out candy until she went to bed. We were very lucky this year that Grandma (my Mom) came over to hand out candy for a while so both Jason and I could take Lily trick-or-treating! Lily did a GREAT job, was very polite, and sometimes even asked Jason and I to stay behind on the sidewalk and let her go up to the house herself. The most disappointing part of the night was when Lily tripped on the sidewalk and dropped her bucket, and this older girl (maybe 10 or so??) tried to grab all her candy before we could pick it up. Luckily she backed off when we yelled at her!

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November has flown by VERY quickly, and it’s hard to believe it’s almost over already! We had a nice Thanksgiving at my Aunty Pat’s house with many Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins (along with immediate family). The saturday after Thanksgiving, Lisa and brought our girls over to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for the annual Christmas cookie baking experience! It was quite chaotic with 3 little girls that were more interested in eating the works in progress, then doing any actual BAKING, but we managed to get everything done somehow! We even tried a few new recipes that we will probably not be bringing back.. including these, which are supposed to be little snowmen heads:

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These next few weeks are going to fly by SO quickly! We’re busy trying to prepare for a certain little girl’s 4th birthday in only 2 weeks, followed very quickly by Christmas. I feel like it’s all snuck up on me this year and I am feeling COMPLETELY unprepared.. but only beginning to panic. I hope you can all take some time to enjoy this Holiday season, and avoid my panic attacks by being more prepared than I certainly am this year! :)