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From 110908 first day of preschool

Once again, Fall is here before we know it. Boo! This fall is more exciting than most years, however as Lily has started her very first year of preschool!! She goes two mornings a week (T/Th) from 9-11:30, and so far she’s loving it! She has 2 teachers (Miss Ashley and Miss Zeenath) and a teacher’s aide (Miss Lori) in the class, and they all seem very nice. After the very first full day of school I was told that the teachers seem quite enamored with Lily already.. understandable, right? ;)

From 110908 first day of preschool

Ever since we told Lily she was going to be going to preschool a few months ago, she has been nothing but excited about it. She was sad on Labor Day that the school was closed because she told me she wanted to go to school MORE than she wanted to be at home or at Jenny’s house (daycare). She wanted to know why Jason and I had to come with her on the welcome day because she wanted to go all by herself! Needless to say, it caught me by complete surprise when she told me the night before she was supposed to go by herself by the first time that she was SCARED! She was so scared that she couldn’t fall asleep. She ended up coming into my room around 10:30 and crawling into bed with me where she finally was able to get some sleep, but it just broke my heart! She had been acting so excited that I never even thought she would be feeling scared or apprehensive at all. It’s amazing the things that they find intimidating at this age, too.. things I wouldn’t even think about anymore. For example, Lily said she was scared because the school has lots of doors and she’s afraid she wouldn’t know where to go. Luckily the day went VERY well and I think she’s back to just being excited! :)

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About a month ago my sister had plans with some friends, and her husband was going to be out of town, so Jason and I agreed to host a sleepover and watch Claire and Abby overnight. It’s the first time I’ve really spent any extended amount of time with my nieces without Lisa around, and I admit that I was a bit nervous about keeping 3 three-year-olds entertained and out of trouble, but things went much better than I expected. The girls were excited to see each other, and Claire and Abby had been begging to come play at Lily’s house for months, so they were so excited about all the “new” toys that entertainment wasn’t an issue at all. All 3 girls were fairly tired, so they even fell asleep relatively quickly. Lily put on her bossy hat a little bit, and the next day told me that she would like to change the world so that when it’s night time, SHE Is in charge. I have a feeling she was referring to being in charge of her cousins in this case!

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If you click the link for the album above, you’ll see a number of action shots the girls did for me as I was testing out my new birthday present – a nice flash for my camera! :)

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Other than that fun and excitement, we did manage to make it out to the Renaissance Festival again this year! We met up with Uncle Greggy, and spent a good 6 hours or so walking around and checking everything out. Lily just LOVES that place! We may have to try to go once more before they close for the year. She rode a bunch of rides this year, made a magic wand, got her face painted, pet a large tortoise, rode a horse, and made a friend. :) It was so cute how quickly she bonded with this little girl standing in line for one of the rides.. they laughed and played together in line, and even stood there holding hands for a long time. It was so much fun to watch! I was somewhat surprised when I found out her little friend was 6 years old, however! I would have guessed she was only a year or so older than Lily.

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The rest of the month was mainly just spent hanging out together as a family, which has been great! Lily bought a small set of nail polish with her own money, and has had a great time giving herself (and me!) manicures. She’s actually not bad at it! We’ve gone to more parks than I can remember, met our friends The Beaverson’s and my friend Michelle at the Splash Pad, helped my sister with a yard sale, celebrated birthdays, and much, much more. I’ve managed to record a number of “Lilyisms” this month, which I’ll list at the end of this post, but first I thought you’d enjoy this video of what Lily learned from hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa this summer. Enjoy!


Lily: “can I PLEASE have a compass?”
Daddy: “why do you need a compass?”
Lily: “because I’m on the MOON!”

“I’m not tired, I’m just yawning because my mouth is still waking up.”

“I love Earth. If we didn’t live on Earth, I would be very sad.”

Lily put on Jason’s shoe and said, “Hi, I’m Daddy. Can I please have a whiskey sour?”

Lily took a handful of potatoes at dinner, and lifted them up to eye level like she was inspecting them. Then she looked at me and asked, “Is it a good year for potatoes?”.

Lily was singing “hush little baby”, but forgetting what happens when the mockingbird won’t sing. Daddy kept filling in alternate endings (“behind the barn, its neck I will wring”), to which Lily just pointed at him and said, “Daddy.. you’re fired.”

Lily told us she was going to have 2 babies.. a boy and a girl. And she gets to be the Mommy, I get to be the Grandma, and Jason gets to be the “Daddy-Grandpa”. Apparently that’s what he’s called because, according to her, she “hasn’t picked a Daddy yet.”

“I don’t want to clean up, but I will anyway. Wow, I think that’s the first time I’ve listened!”