May Daze

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Wow, these months are really starting to fly by now! You can tell summer is just around the corner!

We’ve been keeping busy at the Woyak household. Lily finished her “Water Tots” swimming lessons at the Courage Center, and did a great job! I really like the Courage Center, and like the lessons we’ve taken there in the past, but things have changed a lot this year. They had 4 (FOUR!) cancellations out of 10 classes due to “incidents” in the pool that required closing it down for cleaning. Plus the facilities are looking worn, shower stalls kept breaking, etc. I did speak with someone about the problems we had, but only got a free “family swim” pass and an $18 refund. Regardless, Lily did enjoy the lessons and she learned to be in the water without Mommy and Daddy and stopped crying for us after the 2nd or 3rd week! So, that makes it all worth it, right there.

I had a fabulous Mother’s Day this month. Lily, Jason, and I spent the day at my parents house with my family where the boys did most of the cooking! Lily and Jason also made me breakfast in bed that morning and gave me a very sweet card. :) While we were there we also played a game of Wii Bowling, and Grandma taught Lily how to use the Wii controller. She really caught on, and ended up bowling a 130!! She was so cute every time she knocked a bunch of pins down she would turn and look at us with this totally AMAZED look on her face, then literally jump up and down screaming. It was really, really adorable!

You probably remember from my last post that Lily was having some hearing issues from some back-to-back ear infections. We finally cleared out all the infections and brought her back to the doctor for a follow-up hearing test. She passed the test with flying colors, so as the doctor said, now you know “she’s just ignoring us”. LOL! They did also mention that her tonsils are fairly large, so that’s something we’ll want to keep an eye on.

Towards the end of the month, we did have a little scare with a tornado that touched down far too close for comfort. It was Sunday the 22nd, and Lily had JUST fallen asleep for her nap and I was laying down as well (Jason was grocery shopping). Suddenly the power went out and the sirens went off, which woke me up. I looked on my phone to see if there was truly a threat near us (or if I could let Lily sleep), and saw that it had touched down in St. Louis Park and was heading towards Minneapolis.

Just then I looked outside and saw this CRAZY wind pick up out of nowhere and it felt like my whole house slightly vibrated..I flew into Lily’s room and woke her up, and we ran down into the basement. Honestly we were probably too late in getting to the basement, as I think that crazy wind was when it touched down only about 6-8 blocks away in North Minneapolis, but we were definitely better safe than sorry! Lily was pretty scared to be woken up and down in the basement, so I think this is going to be a rough Severe Weather season.. plus I think I’m a little more freaked out than normal because I saw first-hand all the damage in Minneapolis, that was so incredibly CLOSE to my home! We were really VERY lucky this time.

On a happier note.. Lily has been huge into ballet and ballerinas lately. Every book she checks out from the library is typically about ballerinas, and she LOVES to dance around the living room. I was thinking of enrolling her in tumbling classes next fall, but now I might be leaning more towards getting her right into dance.. though what I’d REALLY love is to find one class that does a little bit of dance AND tumbling!

One rainy weekend day (we’ve had no shortage of those!) we finally made our way to Sky Zone trampoline park in Plymouth. Lily had a BLAST! Basically you pay for the amount of time you want to jump (in half-hour increments), and they have various different “courts”, or sections of trampolines. One court is just for kids (5 and under) and that’s where Lily spent most of her time. There’s also a main court for everybody, a dodgeball court, and a “foam pit” court where you bounce down a row of trampolines and jump or flip into a pit of foam blocks at the end. Very, very fun and someone there said you can burn 1,000 calories an hour jumping on those trampolines. I believe it! Lily wanted to go back later that same day, which just wasn’t possible.. but we will definitely keep it in mind for a future rainy day!

Finally, this past weekend we went down to Grandma Gayle and Grandpa Jim’s farm!! Lily got to pet and ride the ponies, chase a few dogs, and even pet and hold NEWBORN KITTIES! It was completely little-girl heaven. Lily loved every minute of it, and is really starting to look comfortable on horseback! She can’t wait to go back, and luckily I think we’ll have to chance to visit again soon – likely in mid-July when Auntie Chandra and her family are in town!

Other than all that excitement, Lily is really doing amazing. She is such an incredibly sweet and intelligent girl! It really seems as if she’s grown up so much over the last 3 months or so, and sometimes I just sit and watch her in amazement. She is starting to learn how to read and sound out words.. just tonight she sounded out and read about 80% of “Hop on Pop” to me! She still remembers just about EVERYTHING that’s ever happened to her.. EVER. She asked me the other day the name of the dinosaur with the long neck, and I had no idea. She asked if it was Tyrannosaurus Rex and I said no, that’s one of the only ones I DO know.. it has short arms. Then I asked if it could be a brontosaurus? She said no. Then she said, “wait! I know! It’s a break… brachiosaurus!”. I said, “no, I don’t think that’s a real dinosaur”, and she just looked at me like I was crazy and insisted that it was. So I looked it up to prove her wrong.. only to find out she was completely RIGHT! I didn’t expect to be completely schooled by my child at only age 3.. I thought I had at least another 3-4 years for that, but GEEZ!

****EDITED TO ADD**** It looks like picasaweb has changed, so my pictures don’t link to their albums anymore? I’ll have to look into that, but for now here are the links to the photo albums featured in this post!
Sky Zone pics

Farm pics

Memorial Day pics