Little Big Girl

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From Lily August 2010 jumping

Where, oh where has summer gone? I can’t believe it’s “back to school” time already, and the number of Autumn-like things I’ve seen lately leave no room for denial. Summer is ending. Sigh. Well, it’s not as if I can change it, so I will just try to embrace the changes and focus on the things I like. Plus, it’s not like it’s winter… YET! :)

From Lily August 2010

This summer has just flown by! We have managed to stay busy, as usual, and somehow I suddenly stop and look at my daughter who has morphed from our cute little toddler who was somehow still an extension of ourselves, to her very own little independent, opinionated, imaginative, creative, thoughtful person. The change in her over these last few months has been pretty big, and I think we’re all still trying to figure it all out. Lily herself is definitely trying to feel out her place in the world, and her place in our family since becoming more of a “big kid”. I think the thought of it scares her sometimes as she has been requesting a lot lately that we “hold her like a little baby”, or call her “little baby”, or even going so far as to say she wants a baby bottle instead of a cup. On the flip side, sometimes she is so proud of her “big girl” actions, like going potty on the big potty and getting to wear underwear instead of a diaper. She is always asking us to clarify – is she a big kid or a little kid? Then she has to ask about every person she’s ever met in her life to see how she compares. ;) I think she says it best when she refers to herself as a “Little Big Girl”.

From Lily August 2010 sleepover birthdays

We’ve had some scary moments as well. Last Thursday when I went to go pick Lily up from daycare, they were about to cross the alley into the neighbors backyard to pick raspberries. Lily was running ahead of the group and I yelled at her to stop and wait for everybody else, but of course she didn’t listen. I told her to not cross the alley without a grown up, but she either didn’t understand or didn’t care. I don’t think she gets the danger of alleys, she doesn’t think of them like streets. So she was all set to go bounding across the alley when a car drove RIGHT in front of her. Luckily the car was going very slow (unlike many that drive in the alley) and they saw her and stopped right in front of her, but that car was only about 1 foot directly in front of Lily. I was still about 5-10 feet back and I just yelled “STOP!” at her and I think it startled her enough to make her stop briefly, but I think I still had a minor heart attack. When we got home, we had a talk about the whole situation and I told her how scary it was. She seems to not be afraid of cars and think if you get hit by one, it’s just an owie like any other. She had recently been talking about Jenny’s kitty who is an “angel kitty” now and flies in the sky, so I tried to correlate that story with this scenario and tell her that what makes Jenny and the angel kitty sad is that the kitty can’t ever see Jenny or the rest of her family again, and Jenny can’t see the kitty again. So I told her that getting hit by a car could hurt you so bad that you died, and you wouldn’t be able to see Mommy and Daddy and Grandma and Grandpa (etc) again, and that would make us all VERY, VERY sad. I think she “kind of” got that it was a serious situation, and she was sad.. but I just don’t know how to make a 2 year old understand DANGER, and that there are certain times that LISTENING is non-negotiable.

From Lily August 28 2010 swimming

I must also confess that I have been horrible at recording her Lily-isms lately. She’s had many of them, and she says at least one thing that cracks us up every single day! The personality on this child is just incredible. ;) I have no excuse for forgetting to write them down, and I need to get better at that! Some other personality tidbits: she has developed an obsession with washing her hands. Not something I can (or really want to) discourage, but we are going through soap like CRAZY and I do not want to see our next water bill. Her swimming abilities have taken off like crazy! She especially loves it when she has her “floaties” (water wings) on and can swim independently.. then she will purposefully dunk under water or jump in and go underwater, then come back up to the top and she’s SO proud of herself. Lately she has decided she likes showers better than baths (thank you, splash pad!) which makes our life easier because showers are SO much quicker and easier! Last night after dinner she took off her clothes and her diaper, then announced that she had to go potty. She went into the bathroom and lifted the lid on the toilet, put her little seat on it, pulled her stool over and climbed up and sat on the toilet and went potty. Then she wiped, moved the stool over to the sink where she washed her hands, climbed down and dried them off and then turned on the shower and tried to climb in. All with absolutely no help from Jason or I, and we both sat there watching her, completely stunned. What are we needed for, anyway??

From Lily – August 2010 misc playing

I’m sorry I’m really failing at this blog thing lately.. life has just been so busy, and I’ve been so tired! It’s taken me 4 days again to finish this entry, so hopefully it’s not too disjointed. I will leave it here for this month, and promise to work on recording Lilyisms and make a more detailed post next month where hopefully I can tell you that Lily is fully potty-trained! Wish us luck! :) As always, there are many more pictures to see if you click on an album link. Have a wonderful start to the school year, everyone!