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From Lilys First Birthday! Dec 13 2008

Sorry for the teaser posts lately, but here is a long overdue REAL update! So much has happened since the last big update, let’s start with one of the biggest ones – Lily’s First Birthday!! Her birthday was on Saturday the 13th and we had a party for some of her neighborhood friends on that day. We had the party at my parents house because my house is too dang small, but it was really nice! I bought way, way, way too much food and stuff (of course), and Lily didn’t always seem too interested in opening her presents, but I think everyone had a good time and now that she’s had the presents at home she loves EVERYTHING she got. She was spoiled rotten for her birthday – she got so many TOYS!

From Lilys First Birthday! Dec 13 2008

She did a nice job with her cake, and it was funny to watch. Her cake was decorated with little frosting dots and she just kept sticking her finger in the dot and eating the frosting without making much of a mess. Finally she dug in and ended up pulling the whole top layer off her cake and pushing half of it under her high chair tray, and she did get SOME frosting in her hair so it was a pretty nice mess. She has made much bigger messes with just a normal meal, so I was a little surprised (but happy) with how she handled it. (click the link by one of the pictures to see many more pictures from her birthday party.)

From Lilys First Birthday! Dec 13 2008

Now, lets skip to Christmas Eve (I know that’s a l lot of time to skip but I can’t possibly remember every day from then until now and this post would be far too long if I could!). Christmas Eve was spent at my parents house with my parents, my sister and her family, my brother, my brother’s friend Jason, and my Aunt. It was a nice family night with good food and LOTS of nice presents! This time, Lily really got the hang of opening presents and even tried to open some that weren’t for her while they were being wrapped! She also wanted to “test drive” some of her cousin’s presents but they didn’t seem to care too much! I told everyone Lily got PLENTY of toys for her birthday so her presents this time were more along the lines of clothes, pajamas, and BOOKS. Lily LOVES books so she was thrilled. Jason and I counted when we got home and we estimate she got over 20 books between her birthday and Christmas. TWENTY. Books. Insane.

From Lily Christmas 2008

Abby also managed to spill her Mama’s brandy eggnog and soak the sleeve of her shirt. Lisa washed her off good and soaked the sleeve in water, and Abby spent the rest of the evening chewing and sucking on her sleeve. Brandy helps with teething pain, right?!? :)

From Lily Christmas 2008

Christmas day – we went back over to my parents house in the morning for Santa gifts and a delicious breakfast prepared by Auntie Lisa. After we finished opening Santa gifts, we got all packed up and drove to my Aunt’s house for a big family celebration. I was kind of dreading that part of the day because I was afraid it would be hard with my Grandma gone, but it actually went better than I expected. The twins have been having a hard time teething lately AND they missed their nap so they were pretty fussy (but still adorable!), and Lily was tired and a bit clingy, but I think they had a pretty good time.

From Lily Christmas 2008

We just have two more Christmas celebrations to attend, and they’re both today! Jason’s family is coming up to our house to celebrate Lily’s birthday (they missed her party) and Christmas all in one. Once they leave, we’re going to try to head over to my parents house (briefly) once again to celebrate with my half-brother and half-sister and their families. We typically only see them about once a year (Christmastime) so they haven’t met Claire and Abby yet and Lily has changed a bit since they last saw her, so that should be fun!

From Lily Christmas 2008

Finally, just some random, fun Lily updates. She is absolutely amazing me by how much she is learning lately. If you ask her to point to her nose, eyes, or mouth she can correctly point them out now. She is trying to say so many more words (duck, dog, kitty-kat, peekaboo, done, etc) and is playing peekaboo with her hands and saying “peek” or “peeka”, and once or twice I swore she said “peekaboo” (it’s adorable no matter what she says!). She can recognize and point to some animals in her books (she definitely knows that sheep says “baa” – she’ll see a sheep and say “baa” or if we’re reading Moo, Baa, La-la-la she can say baa at the right time). She has started following some commands, like if I ask her to bring me something she typically will. We were at my parents house and getting ready to go and I said “Lily, go get your coat please” (not expecting her to actually do it) and she walked right over and picked up her coat and brought it to me! My parents and I were amazed and I wasn’t sure if it was for real or not, but she did it a second time. She also loves to dance, and can climb off and on her toy pony without help.

From Lily Christmas 2008

Unfortunately, with all her exploring there also comes a whole host of new injuries. I think the poor girl injured herself 4 times on Christmas Day alone! She still has a cut on her forehead and a split eyebrow (complete with black eye) to show for it.

From Lily Christmas 2008

I’m sure there are many more stories or updates I could share with you but I think this post has gone on long enough, and I don’t remember anything off the top of my head right now! I promise in the New Year to try and post actual posts more often so I don’t forget anything! Hope everyone had a Happy Holiday, and have a fabulous start to 2009!

From Lily Christmas 2008

Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas, everyone! We’ll have more updates (including Lily’s 1st birthday party and Christmas celebrations) up in the next few days. Until then, hope your holidays are happy and surrounded with loved ones.

In Loving Memory…

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From Drop Box

Dorothy E. Stinson
August 6, 1915 – December 14, 2008

Lily’s “Grandma Great”, and the absolute sweetest woman you’d ever want to meet passed on today.

From Drop Box

Seen here from last Christmas Eve holding Lily and the blanket she made about a dozen years ago for my first child “just in case she wasn’t around”. I thank God she was here and was able to get to know Lily for at least a year. I promised her before she died that I would be sure that Lily knows the wonderful woman that Lily is named after (middle name).

Happy Birthday, Lily!

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Happy 1st Birthday, my beautiful baby girl!!

I can’t believe it’s been a year! More pics and birthday stuff to follow someday soon.. :)

Too busy..

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From Lily Messy Eating – Dec 9th

Life has been just far too busy lately! December is flying by faster than any other month this year, and I can’t believe we only have 4 days until Lily’s 1st Birthday already! So, other than chasing Lily all around the place, here’s what’s been keeping us busy:

Last Friday we stopped in at a Holiday party at Robin’s house (I used to work with her at West Jr. High). There were a TON of people there from the school – many of which I hadn’t seen in quite a while, so it was a lot of fun to catch up and have them meet Lily. She did very well – she was a bit shy and clingy at first but she warmed up by the time we left. We also got to spend a little bit of time there with my friend Nora and her adorable daughter, Juniper! We definitely need to see them more often and I think Juniper and Lily are going to grow up to be great friends!

On Saturday, I did a bunch of running around and shopping in the morning, then we went to Sebastian’s First Birthday Party! The party was a lot of fun and there were a TON of people there with one-year-old (or close) babies that all live near this area. I also got to see Sebastian’s Auntie Shannon, whom I went to high school with and haven’t seen in YEARS. I met Shannon’s family – her husband Mike and her adorable little daughter Eva, and she got to meet Jason and Lily. It was a lot of fun!!

On Sunday, I met up with my Sister, my Mom, and my Aunt and we all went power-shopping for Christmas. That was nice, but exhausting!! Everything seems so expensive this year, and I love giving gifts but the cost is making it more difficult for me to feel in the Christmas spirit this year!

On a more somber note, one of the things that is on my mind a lot lately is my Grandma. She went into the hospital on Thanksgiving evening, and is still there. They finally (late last week) discovered that she had a gall bladder infection, and on Monday she had surgery to remove her gall bladder. They hoped to do the surgery laproscopically to give her less recovery time, but they ended up finding a bunch of other things that required them to open her up. They found a large gall stone that had embedded itself into (and created a small hole in) her colon so they had to remove that as well, repair the colon, and do some repairs to her liver. She is in ICU right now and doing fairly well considering, but she is in a lot of pain, and the Doctor says the next 5 days are pretty critical right now. This has been a very difficult thing for me and for my family, and we are all very worried about her. Right now I’m trying to take it one day at a time and I’m so, so grateful that she made it through the surgery, and I’m hoping that she continues to get better and more pain-free each and every day. I hope that this surgery will end up being worthwhile and she can get back some of the quality of life she’s lost in the last few years. If you’re so inclined, positive thoughts and prayers would be very much appreciated.

Ok, now I don’t want to end this post on a depressing note (plus I’ve been slacking majorly on pictures so I apologize), so I’ll leave you with an adorable Lily video!! I was going to post 2 videos, but the 2nd one is of her giggling while being chased around the house (“playing” tag) but I can’t get the sound to work for some reason, which ruins the whole point! So for now you only get this adorable one of a new trick of Lily’s – pulling the toilet paper off the roll, and sometimes halfway across the living room! Enjoy! I will try to post again this weekend after Lily’s birthday and her birthday party on SATURDAY! YIKES!!!