“Hola, soy Lily”

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From Lily Oct 26

First of all, our apologies for our extended absence lately. Life has been very busy and we just haven’t had the time (or the pictures!) to do much in the way of updating. Let me see if I can remember what’s even happened in the past few weeks..

Lily got her first birthday present! Bobbi (from work) said she wanted to buy us something when Lily was born but didn’t get a chance so she saw this toy and thought it would be perfect for her birthday! I decided we could open it early (and write a thank-you :) ) and it could be practice for Lily for the “big event” in December. I tried to show her how to rip the wrapping paper off the box, but she could really care less. Oh well! Once we did get the box opened she did seem to really like the doll inside! It’s called “Learning Friend Lily” (even spelled right!!) and it’s a leap pad frog doll that talks and sings and counts in English and Spanish. It’s so cute! Now we keep singing “Hi, I’m Lily, and you can count on me!” Or, as the title of this post suggests, “Hola, soy Lily” and that’s it because we no habla espanol. :)

From Lily Oct 26

Life around our house has certainly been interesting these last couple of weeks! Lily has completely taken off, sometimes crawling, sometimes “walking” and is in to EVERYTHING. We’ve had to step up our babyproofing since she’s opening every cupboard and drawer and rapidly making her way through every room in the house. We ordered a 2nd baby gate for the kitchen doorway that has the stairs to the basement and are anxiously awaiting its arrival (we just close the door when necessary now, but that also means the cat can’t get to his litterbox). Along with this new discovery mode we’ve also had a number of pinched fingers, bonked heads, and other various injuries that are just absolutely insurmountable to a 10 month old… for 5 minutes until she’s distracted again.

We’ve also been struggling a lot with her sleeping again – not usually at bedtime, but her naps are completely unpredictable. Some days it’s one nap, some days it’s two. Some days it’s a 3 hour nap, some days its 45 minutes. The last couple of days she has been SO TIRED but it’s taken sometimes close to 2 hours to get her to fall asleep, if she even does at all. The nap situation can be frustrating, but I’m still just so thankful that she sleeps so well during the night that I can deal with this!

From Lily 10 month pics

One “first” that we had recently that I was hoping to avoid for quite some time yet was Lily’s first fever. I really think it was related to teething – she had a low grade (100.6) fever for a few hours that got better with some infant tylenol, and 2 cranky days with less sleep than normal, then she was pretty much fine. I don’t know if I faired as well, however! I never thought I’d do the typical “first time parent” freak out about something like that, but it is SO SCARY when your baby is sick and you’re not sure why or what to do! I think I called just about everybody that night trying to find someone who was home and would give me advice (Thank you, Lisa!!) until I started to calm down a little bit. I know, I know, you are all probably laughing at me right now but YOU’VE PROBABLY BEEN THERE TOO. Or, you will be some day, and it’s not fun! Oddly, I never did see any teeth pop through as I was expecting, but they could still be making their way through the gums I suppose..

From Lily Oct 26

Today we spent some time outside with Lily (since it was such a nice day) and showed her the falling leaves before they’re covered with snow (rumor of flurries tomorrow – don’t even get me started!). She thought the leaves were pretty fun, kept picking them up and poking at them and amazingly didn’t really try to eat too many of them. I think she had a fun time, she was laughing and giggling a lot and trying to go chase the neighbors dog.

From Lily Oct 26

The other day we woke up and looked out our front door to see that our neighbors yard had been completely COVERED in every sign available – political signs for both parties, construction company signs, roofers, anything that could be found was put in their yard. I laughed, then my neighbor came out and I teased her that she should make up her mind already and she told me she thinks the kids that did it got the WRONG HOUSE because one of the signs has “Happy Birthday Caitlin” written on it. OOPS! Very nice prank though, it made me laugh.

From Lily Oct 26

So, let’s use that lovely image as a reminder that we should all make it to the polls a week from Tuesday and have our say. Unless you’re somehow planning on voting for the wrong person, then you should just stay home that day. :)


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I haven’t written since October 6th?!? I need to update soon.

Sorry, I suck.

These shoes are made for WALKING

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From Lily Sept 28- Oct 6

…and that’s what Lily is about to do! She took her first official steps last Thursday (Oct 2) and seems pretty fascinated with learning this new trick! She is standing by herself (without holding on to anything) for long periods of time now, and this morning was standing holding on to Jason’s hand, then pulled her hand away and took three full steps over to her table toy. This is the best “walking” she’s done yet since most of the time up until now was more of a “step, step, LUNGE into my arms”. I think she’s going to perfect this within the next few weeks and then we’re in big trouble. Let the chasing begin!

On a related note, last Friday she was pulling herself up on the couch and her feet slipped on the floor (dang hardwood!) and she fell and hit her head on the wood part of the couch. She had kind of a “line” on the side of her temple, then it started to turn into a goose-egg and bruise. Poor Lily – I’m sure this is just the first of many boo-boos to come, especially as she’s learning to walk. By the way, wasn’t it just LAST POST that I announced she was finally crawling? Holy cow, this girl is not kidding around about mobility!

From Lily Sept 28- Oct 6

Last Sunday we had our friends Brian, Aimee, and Cameron from Braimee over for a park date and dinner! It was a really fun evening, and we got to entertain (and eat) on our DECK! YAY! We grilled burgers and hot dogs and I made raspberry jello pretzel salad which turned out really well and was a HUGE hit! Lily dug into the jello with both hands and got raspberry stuff ALL over her clothes, her jacket, her highchair – it was a major mess. Cameron had more jello than any other food combined, so I think he liked it too! Cameron made a few friends at the rainbow park, and while we were walking back Brian had Cam up on his shoulders and Lily was up on Jason’s shoulders and Cam reached out and he and Lily (very briefly) held hands. It was sooooo cute but of course I didn’t get a picture because our camera was in Jason’s pocket! D’OH!! I think Aimee maybe got a shot, so hopefully I can steal it if they put it online. ;) All in all it was a great night and I was so full by the end of it I swore I wouldn’t eat for 3 days! We actually did have enough jello salad left to eat a little bit every day for almost another WEEK! I think it will be while before I make it again.

From Lily Sept 28- Oct 6

Other than that, we pretty much just worked all week (and Saturday! :( ) then on Sunday we started up the first of the monthly “CamFam” dinners. Once a month my parents have all of us kids and our families over for a big dinner and sometimes games. It’s really nice that we’ve all stayed close like this, and it’s fun to watch the kids play together now. The day got off to a little bit of a rocky start since we walked in and one of the twins (Claire?) started crying for some reason, which started Lily crying, which of course made Abby cry. So, we had a 3-baby meltdown but luckily it passed quickly and the rest of the day went off without any more tears.

From Lily Sept 28- Oct 6

Nothing else very exciting to report, we’re just working a lot and trying to hang on to the last gasp of sunshine and warm weather. I can’t believe it’s already October and pretty soon it will be Halloween, then Holiday Season and Lily’s FIRST BIRTHDAY! I absolutely cannot believe how fast the time has gone, and how much she’s changed, but I’m looking forward to watching her continue to grow and seeing what she learns next! Now, I’m going to take a lesson from my smart cookie and catch some zzzz’s of my own:

From Lily Sept 28- Oct 6

EDITED TO ADD: WOOHOO! Brain sent us a few pictures from our park date the other weekend! Enjoy:

From Park with Braimee/Cameron