Lily’s first road trip

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From Lily Aprl 21-26

We had a rough start to the week this week. For whatever reason, Lady L. was a MAJOR fuss-monster last weekend and the beginning of this week. Like constant screaming/shrieking for absolutely no reason at all – ALL DAY LONG. Plus she kept waking up during the night every couple of hours so I was a pretty tired Mama. I kept checking her mouth for teeth thinking there must be *some* logical explanation why she was acting that way – but I see nothing yet (thankfully). The woman who does daycare for us even gave me a hug and wished me “Good luck!” when I picked her up on Monday. She gradually started getting better and better towards the end of the week and Friday and Saturday she was REALLY good! It’s not a great picture of it (above), but Lily has learned how to suck only her thumb instead of all her fingers and it’s so adorable. I’ll try to get a cuter picture soon.

On Friday, Auntie Lisa came over with Claire and Abby. Lily was really intrigued by them, and loves to watch the other babies now! We hung out here for a short time, then took them out to lunch at Applebee’s which got LOTS of attention. I suppose I can understand why people would look seeing 2 women walk in with 3 babies! Everyone always asks “Is that triplets or twins and one?” Of course we were given the direct assignment of taking a picture with all 3 babies, and we both totally forgot! Oops!

From Lily Aprl 21-26

On Saturday we took Lily on her first road trip to Rochester for her cousin Tali’s 3rd birthday party! She was getting a little fussy in the car while we were still in the cities, so Jason pulled over and I hopped into the backseat and calmed her down. She then slept pretty much the rest of the way there. When we first got to Uncle Shawn and Aunt Shannon’s I think Lily was a little overwhelmed by the amount of kids and noise there so she was crying a bit and acting scared. I took her upstairs and found a quiet room with just the two of us and fed her and calmed her down, then she was GREAT the rest of the day!

From Lily Aprl 21-26

The party was complete chaos – I think there were close to 15 kids there, running through the house and making tons of noise. I was really impressed at how well Lily handled it – she didn’t even cry when someone popped a balloon! It was so nice to see everyone again, and to give them a chance to see Lily and how she’s changed. Even Grandma Gayle got to see her smiling this time!

From Lily Aprl 21-26

cute – head to toe

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From Lily April 13-20

Well, Lily has officially discovered her toes. She’s been discreetly checking them out for a while, but now she can’t wait to grab on to them every time she’s on her back – especially on the changing table! It’s so cute – luckily they’re about the only thing she HASN’T put directly into her mouth! :)

We had a visit with Dr. Pepper again on Friday for Lily’s 4 month checkup. She weighs 15 lbs 14 oz, and is 25.5″ long. The Doctor said she looks great and to keep doing exactly what we’re doing! She also gave us the go-ahead to start solids (rice cereal then once she gets that down, veggies and fruit). Her shots seemed to go ok – she screamed when she was first poked but calmed down right away afterwards. However, I picked her up then and was holding her while the nurse was filling out paperwork and looked down and there was blood streaming down her leg! I told the nurse and we had to lay her back down and put pressure on her leg – she got blood all over her leg, both my hands, my shirt, her diaper, and the exam table! That was hard to see – she didn’t seem bothered by it but just seeing your child bleed like that is unsettling to say the LEAST! :(

We’ve been getting outside more and more whenever the weather is nice, and Lily LOVES it! Today was absolutely GORGEOUS – I think it got to 75?!? We went to see Great-Grandma and Great-Aunt Pat (and Great-Aunt Joy and Great-Uncle Joe!), then grilled burgers on my parents patio. Mmmmmm.. burgers on the grill! :)

We’ve been starting to try to have Lily sleep in her crib. Saturday afternoon we laid her down in there for a nap, she cried for about 5 minutes, then I went back in and told her it was time to sleep. 5 minutes later I had to go back in there, and I just waited for her eyes to close and not open again and she slept in there for 2 hours straight!! We tried to do the same thing at bedtime, but she just is not putting herself to sleep well, so for now we’re just putting her to sleep first and then putting her in the crib. Last night she slept in the crib for 6 hours (not straight, unfortunately) so we’re hoping for at least that tonight! However, last night when I went to bed and she was in her crib it was actually a little sad. I miss her being next to me and just looking over to make sure she’s safe and sleeping well. I’m sure I’ll get used to it, but the feeling sort of surprised me, how strong it was.

Finally, our gDiaper verdict. I ordered 2 more covers and think we’re going to officially switch for daytime use. I have an extra package of inserts that I’m bringing to daycare tomorrow and I’ll show our daycare lady how to change them. There was a slight learning curve, but I really think I’ve got it down now and she’s not having any problems with leaks! They are definitely more expensive than disposables, but I feel good about using them and that counts for something – so for now we’ll use them! If it doesn’t work out down the road, they still have a high resale value, and every one we DID use is one less diaper in a landfill somewhere. That’s what I think anyway.

Well, that’s a lot of stuff to cover – I’ll update more later. Happy Spring everybody!!

From Lily April 13-20

4 months old!

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From Lily April 11-13

I know I say this every month, but seriously – how is she 4 months old already?!? I think next month she might be in driver’s ed or something, as fast as time is going. It is just unbelievable how quickly she is changing these days. She is SO aware of everything around her, she just sits and takes everything in… then promptly tries to cram it all into her mouth (along with her ever-present fists, of course). She is still getting to be such a happy baby most of the time that I can almost forget how much she screamed and cried the first couple months of her life… almost. Really she mostly cries now when she’s tired because (for whatever reason) she completely fights sleep no matter how tired she is. I think she’s just too busy absorbing the world around her, she’s afraid if she sleeps she’ll miss out on something big. :)

Lily and I went to visit Hopkins last Friday so Lily could fix the servers that were down. ;) We had a major power outage Thursday night and the chassis that holds our blade servers (for email, transportation, and student and staff home directories) crashed pretty hard. Of course, it was my day off but I felt guilty that I wasn’t there to at least do SOMETHING… so Lily and I went in for a visit! I really wasn’t much help at all – Jason was working with one of our consultants, and it was pretty heavy work at times (they took apart the chassis with a MALLET) so since email was down and nobody could get any work done (he he) it was the perfect time to visit with everyone. She was a really good girl and nobody can believe how big she’s getting and how strong she is for only 4 months old! We’ll have to visit again soon so people can see her change literally overnight.

From Lily April 11-13
From Lily April 11-13

Lily spent Saturday evening with Grandma and Grandpa so Jason and I could go to Nick and Nora’s for Nick’s 30th Birthday party. There was a good turnout and we had quite a bit of fun! There were like 3 pregnant women there, so I got to talk a lot about baby stuff, which was kinda fun. One girl even saw Lily’s picture and asked if we’d ever considered baby modeling! HA! If only she knew how well Lily does posing for professional photos.. hehe.

From Lily April 11-13

Ok, gDiaper update. We bought the starter pack which has 2 cloth covers, 4 snap-in liners, and 10 disposable pads. We’ve used them for 3 days (not overnights though), and so far I do like them! The first one I put on Lily I explained to her that we were testing out a new diaper and she should let me know what she thinks of them. Apparently she took the testing idea seriously and less than 30 minutes later tried to completely FILL the diaper! Everything was contained within the diaper – nothing on the cloth part at all! She did get poop on the liner so I swapped that out and washed it off (not bad – much easier than rinsing out her clothes! Dries in about 10-15 minutes). We did have one small “pee” leak that day, and one another day – both in the exact same spot. However, I also had a leak in her disposable in a similar area so I think it’s more my fault than the diaper! It is a little bit of a learning curve to get them on just right in the crease of her leg, but I think I’m getting the hang of it! We used them all day today with no leaks and no problems at all. If you just throw away the disposable pad it’s really not harder than a regular disposable, you just need to “load” the gDiaper with the disposable pad, which takes about 30 seconds. I haven’t experimented with flushing them yet, so I have no comment on that part. I think we’re going to get another pack of disposable pads and keep testing them out, but so far so good! Plus they’re cute and she looks like a little sumo-wrestler. I’ll keep you updated. :)

From Lily April 11-13

P.S. We took some seriously cute pics this time – click the link under one of the photos to see more!

Splish Splash

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Lily has learned how to take a bath without me! She always hated, hated, hated bath time so I started getting in the bathtub with her and holding her, which was the only way to keep her calm. Last week she discovered how to splash and went wild with it. I thought maybe that was a turning point and so we decided to have her try a solo bath mid-week last week and it worked! I still don’t think she *loves* bath time like a lot of kids do, but she tolerates it and doesn’t scream which is about all I can ask for. :) The look she has on her face when she splashes in the tub (and out of the tub, and on me, and probably on the ceiling) is pretty hilarious – she concentrates so hard!

We have another update that I’ve been hesitant to write about for fear I may jinx it. For the past 4 weeks, Lily has been (mostly) sleeping in a bassinet next to our bed instead of in bed with us! This has been a HUGE change that I am very, very happy with! We tried so many times to put her in the bassinet and she would just scream her head off, then one night we tried it again and it’s almost like she shrugged and said “well… ok.” and she hasn’t looked back. Next step is to move her from the bassinet in our room to the crib in her room, but all in good time. The only downside of this transition is that she went from sleeping 7 hours straight in our bed, to waking up every 3-4 hours. Bummer.

Finally, have I mentioned lately that I LOVE spring?!? The temperature got to 67 today, the snow is almost gone, and I couldn’t be happier. Lily and I are finally able to go out on walks! We walked Thursday, Friday, and today and she really loves it. Today the wind was blowing on us a bit and she was making this cute “OOooOOooOoooOO” noise so I stopped and looked in the stroller to see if she was upset and she was smiling away! I’m looking forward to spending a lot more time outside with her in these next few months.

From Lily, April 3-5

P.S. Have any of you ever tried or heard of Gdiapers? I’m really intrigued by them but they’re a little expensive so I’m hesitant – but they are better for the environment, velcro in the back so she can’t undo them herself when she gets to that stage, and they’re CUTE! :) Let me know if you’ve heard anything…

And… we’re back!

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From Lily – March 14-20

So sorry we were unexpectedly down for a while, everybody! There was a problem with the database on the server that I won’t get into because I save all my techno mumbo-jumbo for work. Needless to say, it’s fixed and we’re back! Let the Lily updates commence!

Wow, where to begin? So much has happened since the last update. This really is a fun stage! I love watching her interact with people and things around her, and the babbling and squeals she makes just crack me up! Lily had her first day in daycare (now she’s been through 4 days at 2 days per week), and that went well. We’re really liking the woman who runs the daycare and she said to me on the third day that she is “SO in love with Lily already”! Of course, how could you not love her? However, does it make me seem mean if I was a little surprised? I know how demanding she can be and with other kids running around, I can’t imagine how she does it – I was afraid she’d call me frustrated the first day and say Lily was too much work! Lily seems to like it pretty well there, and likes to sit and watch the other kids (who loooooooooooooooooooove her). The only thing she doesn’t do too well there is sleep – one day she slept for 3 1/2 hours straight, most days she takes 30-40 minute cat naps. Needless to say, by the time we pick her up she’s pretty tired and pretty much just crashes when we bring her home.

Lily also got her very first cold. :( Although it may seem related to starting daycare, this cold she actually got from me. I hate her being sick, but luckily it hasn’t seem to bother her TOO much. I think she’s getting over it now but she’s still a little congested and one of her eyes is really weepy – poor baby!!

From Lily – Easter

Easter went well – everybody enjoyed having babies around again! Lisa got a picture of our twin 2nd cousins holding her twin girls, which was cute – and we both got some pictures with my grandma (almost 93 years old!). Lily was a good girl and was very cute in her enormous and extremely girly purple dress! When we got home that night my brother came over to visit. I briefly left the room and came back in to witness the abuse he was causing to my poor little baby! Here’s photographic evidence:

(that’s a Dungeon and Dragons book in case you can’t see it)

Other than that, last Saturday we had a bridal shower AND a birthday party, so Lily was quite the social butterfly. She was really very good, especially since I know she wasn’t feeling really well. Tomorrow she’s going to go to the Dr with me, then I’m hoping we can get out and go for a walk since it’s going to be close to 50 degrees!! I also want to get in a walk on Friday since it’ll be nice again… ahhh, thank you spring! Please stick around this time.

I know there must be other updates I’m forgetting, since she changes just about every day! I weighed her on our baby scale the other day and she hit 15 lbs – holy cow! My arms are going to start to get a major workout now. She also is just starting to find her toes which is so incredibly adorable. We hope everyone else has been doing well and we’ll try not to go so long between updates again!!

From Lily – April 1-2