My little model (a novel)

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It’s not like there is a lack of Lily pictures, but with her turning 3 months old, and Easter coming up this weekend, and because I found her a cute Easter dress for $5(!) we decided to try her first set of professional pictures. We wanted to be sure to remember how cute she is at this age – to preserve forever her shy little smile, her innocent face, .. and her pout. I called JC Penneys to make an appointment and they told me we could have 2 outfits (one can be just a diaper) and we should bring a blanket or toy or something that she likes or is meaningful to us/her. So of course I ran around like an idiot and completely overpacked for a trip to the mall! We dressed her in just a sleeper, but brought her dress (and sweater just in case), the blanket my Grandma made her, the blanket my Mom made her, little shoes (just in case), a bow for her hair, her little brush and comb, and even a 2nd outfit in case I didn’t like the diaper idea!

So, Jason and I make our way to the mall last Saturday, bringing in her stroller, car seat, carrying our coats, her diaper bag, and the extra bag of stuff I packed. We “check in” for our appointment and go into the changing room to get her dressed. The minute we pull the dress over her head, out comes the pout. We let her look at herself in the mirror and get her calm and happy while the photographer is getting the room ready. We bring her into the room and sit her on the little stage in the hidden boppy, and the photographer gets about 4 shots until the pout comes out again. She took a picture of The Pout (because it really is cute), and then Lily has a meltdown. We pick her up, walk her around, show her the mirror, try to calm her down again. She seems ok again so we bring her back to the photo area and this time try to put her on her tummy over the boppy. Apparently she has forgotten all the tummy time we’ve been doing as she just planted her face head-first into the boppy and screamed! Go through the routine again – pick up, walk around, etc. Bring her back to the stage and… another meltdown. Repeat x 2. Finally the photographer said we should see if there were any appointments for the next day to continue the session when she may be a bit happier. We make our appointment for 11:30 the next morning, change her back into her “normal” clothes and go home.

Day Two: Arrive at the mall, this should go well! Lily is fed, changed, had a good night’s sleep and is not in need of a nap. What could she be sad about today? Apparently a lot! I’m not kidding when I say this girl is opinionated, and she was of the opinion she did not want some strange woman sticking a camera in her face and taking her picture! Right away she started crying when she was put on the stage. Go through the routine, calm her down, trying again… and she screams. We even had Jason kneeling on the stage and holding her, etc and still she screamed. We took off the dress and tried for ONE photo in the diaper – no go. Eventually we gave up and decided just to see what we ended up with and order anything that turned out.

So, two days and $50 later, here is the way we will remember Lily’s first three months (seriously, have you ever seen a pout like that?):

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Luckily, we did manage to get a couple cute, non-pouty pictures so the whole thing wasn’t a total waste:
57913afb-f379-11dc-80b2-00132036a480w.jpg 55ce7c57-f379-11dc-80b2-00132036a480w.jpg 5721140a-f379-11dc-80b2-00132036a480w.jpg
From Lily – 3 Months

Oh well, maybe her 6 month pictures will go better. I think I will always look back on this experience and these pictures, and laugh. This is definitely the way I’ll remember these last 3 months!

1.. 2.. 3!

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Guess who is 3 MONTHS OLD?!? Wow, time is going fast. As the Beaverson’s pointed out to us – she’s an actual baby now, not so much of a newborn! You can really tell, she is growing and changing and somehow managing to get cuter each and every day.

Lily survived her couple days with Grandpa while I was at work this week – and I somehow survived being away from her! Believe me, it was not easy at all. I cried all the way out the door on Monday morning and pretty much started to tear up anytime anyone mentioned her at work that entire day, but by Wednesday I was a bit better. It helps that she was with my Dad so I wasn’t worried about her (but maybe I should have been! – just kidding). Since I don’t work Fridays, I can officially say I survived my first week back, and hopefully it will continue to get easier from here. Luckily, Lily was VERY well-behaved this entire week and let me get some work done at home. I’m sure I’m jinxing myself here, but I think if she ever did have colic that she must be starting to outgrow it (Terri – don’t say 15 months!).

More excitement from this week – since the weather has been getting SO NICE, Lily has had more outside time! She even took her first official walk, and in her “big girl” stroller! We walked on Tuesday night and Jason took her outside and showed her the yard and stuff this afternoon (50 degrees! YAY!). She really seems to like being outside, and just stares at everything! I can’t wait to show her flowers and GREEN GRASS! She’s also been showing interest in things she didn’t even notice before – she will stare at her toys (sometimes grab at them), watches the tv (oops) and computer screen, looks at a book of other babies, and is starting to open her hands much more instead of constantly making fists. I think we’re starting a really fun age now and can’t wait to see what she does next!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

From Lily, March 7-13

hello and goodbye

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Lily and I had a couple of play dates this week! The picture above is Lily with Jill Milbert’s grandson Henry (click to see a bigger version). We went and had a delicious lunch with them on Thursday, and Lily and Henry really seemed to enjoy each other! They smiled and squealed and babbled at each other in their own little baby language. Lily has much she can learn from Henry, like how to sleep in your crib (!!), how to put yourself to sleep, and how to entertain yourself without being held. Maybe someday we’ll get there.

Other than the visit with Henry, we also (FINALLY) walked over to meet Sebastian! Lily was flirting with him a bit, and even showed him how well she can fill a diaper, but he was fairly unimpressed. :) Sebastian’s Mom (Alix) even gave us the hint of trying tummy time on the changing table, which Lily seemed to like:


Other than that, mostly I tried to enjoy my time with her this week, and Jason and I went on a date again this weekend (Grandma and Grandpa babysat), as I prepare to return to work on Monday. People from work that read this – try to take it easy on me when I come back! I’m going to miss my baby girl like crazy and just hope to make it through the day without a few tears, but I make no guarantees. I always have been one to cry pretty easily, and this is not easy! Lily agrees, and this is what she thinks about me going back to work and leaving her:


From Lily March 1-6

Seriously – click the pictures! They’re cute. :)

The tale of Grandma Gayle…

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From lily feb25-29

…and the Little Terror!

Grandma Gayle and Grandpa Jim did make it up to see Lily this weekend, and the picture above sums up how Lily behaved. The ENTIRE day. If she wasn’t sleeping, she was screaming – from about 10 am to 1 am. I don’t know exactly what was wrong – I know she was tired, and maybe her tummy hurt? We burped her, changed diapers, changed clothes (made sure nothing was poking her or anything), fed her, made her sleep, made sure she didn’t have a fever or anything, tried the swing and the bouncy chair, walked her around the house – NO CHANGE. The only time she was quiet was when she was sleeping. This makes for a very tired (and deaf) set of parents. Luckily, today has been a bit better so far but she still is pretty fussy. She actually has been fussier the last few days – we visited PC again on Friday with Grandpa and Auntie Lisa and the twins and she screamed through almost that entire visit too. I hope whatever this is, it passes quickly! I only have one more week home with her and I don’t want to spend it like this!

Sorry this is not much of an update – I’m too tired and only get brief moments of “down time”, so I’ll leave you with a bunch of cute pictures instead. Have a good week, everyone.

From lily feb25-29
From lily feb25-29
From lily feb25-29
From lily feb25-29