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Yes, that is my baby hanging out in the bathroom sink. You may laugh (like my mother does!), but she likes it and it’s perfectly baby-sized and sometimes it’s the only way I can go to the bathroom without her crying! At least the sink is clean, and maybe she’ll just get potty trained earlier, by example. You never know.

So, Lily sleeping in her crib is not going well. She’s started crying anytime we bring her NEAR the crib now and will not sleep at all if we put her in it. So, for now, she’s still sleeping with us. I’m not willing to let her “cry it out” – not at this age anyway. I think there will be a time when she’s ready for it, and it won’t be too long so for now I’ll just enjoy having her close to me.

Grandma Gayle didn’t end up making it to visit this past weekend since one of her ponies got sick and died on Saturday. It’s quite sad – Lily never even got a chance to ride her! I’m sure by the time she’s ready to go riding there may be another pony anyway. Grandma Gayle and Grandpa Jim are coming up this Saturday instead, so it gives us something to look forward to! Tomorrow we are going over to Auntie Lisa’s again and may go out and do some shopping. I want to look at some used swings, and maybe find a nice dress for Lily that we can use for her 3-month pictures and Easter. Amazingly, I think it will be the first piece of clothing I’ve actually bought for her, since people we know have been SO generous with hand-me-downs!

We really don’t do anything exciting or worth posting about, but I certainly am enjoying the change in temperatures lately. Hurry up, spring!!

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(pic above should have been in the last post..Lily sleeping in her crib).

Lily had her 2 month doctor appointment today! Dr. Pepper (seriously!) seems pretty nice so we’ll see how it goes. We didn’t get much of an answer on her tummy troubles other than to burp her more frequently and that we may be OVERfeeding her? I didn’t think that was possible at this age but maybe it is. The doctor did say she “had a lot of meat on her bones”, but I think she looks perfectly healthy. She also said Lily seems to have colic (joy!) and there’s not a lot we can do about it but she should outgrow it within the next couple of months. I don’t really like the “colic” label though because it makes me think of an unhappy, fussy baby. Lily has her moments (like any baby) but I have plenty of happy, smiley times with her! I think instead of “colicky” I’m going to just call her “opinionated”. :)

Her shots went pretty well and she seems to be ok, just a little sleepier. She weighed in at 12lbs 11 oz, 24 inches long, and a 16″ head circumference. My doctor’s office doesn’t do percentiles so I’m not sure exactly where she falls on the growth curve but an online percentile calculator estimated 78% for weight, 87% for height, and 80% for her head.

Other than that, hmm.. Jason and I went out for Valentine’s day! We went to Kieran’s Irish Pub in Minneapolis (Jason says to remind us of our honeymoon) and it was deeeeeelicious! On Friday night we went out for the first time with my WHOLE family (Me, Jason, Lily, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Greggy, Aunty Lisa and Ryan, Abby and Claire) – whew! We got a lot of looks with 3 little babies! Then yesterday we had a “camfam” (Monthly Campbell dinner) at my parent’s house which was fun. This coming weekend Grandma Gayle is coming to visit! That should be fun – Lily has changed so much since she last saw her, I’m sure it will be fun for her to see her now. :)

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Old and new

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Ok, sorry everybody – I’ve been slacking on the picture taking and updating. Most of this last week was spent with Lisa and the twins (and Grandma and Grandpa too!) again. Lily did make another big development, though! Yesterday as I was feeding her she completely passed out, so we brought her into her room and laid her down in her crib and she napped there for over 2 hours! We ended up waking her up because we wanted to go out and eat dinner! This is a breakthrough because 1. she ALWAYS wants to be held, and 2. she had the worst time sleeping in her crib, or anywhere apart from us so we just brought her into our bed and became “accidental” co-sleepers. This is major progress! We tried to get her to sleep in her crib last night, but we ended up getting up with her quite frequently (1-2x/hour) so about a quarter to 4 we gave in and brought her back to our bed and she passed right out. She didn’t scream as much as I thought she would being in her crib, though, so I think this will be successful sooner rather than later! In fact, she’s napping in her crib again right now as I write this update. It’s just so amazing to actually have some time at home to be able to get things done – Jason and I ran around the house picking things up and cleaning a little bit because we NEVER get that chance anymore!

Now since I’ve been slacking with picture taking, here is a special treat – a picture of ME when I was 3 months old!

Think Lily and I are mother/daughter? Oh yeah! I think she has Jason’s eyes but other than that she looks a LOT like me! Here are some Lily Comparison pics in case you’ve forgotten what she looks like (HA!):

2 months!

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Holy cow, my little baby is two months old already! Where has the time gone? We had to say goodbye to some of her cute 0-3 month outfits and break out the 3-6 month, which are not as big as I would expect on her! In the picture above she’s wearing one of these “new” outfits, and her very first pair of jeans. I think pretty soon she’ll need to move up a size in diapers as well. I seriously can’t believe how fast the time is going and continue to find myself torn between excitement for the stuff she has yet to do (walking, talking, etc) and wishing she could stay this little forever already!

Our hands are full…

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So, the picture above pretty much shows what the past week has been like for us! Lily and I (along with Grandma and Grandpa) have been going over to Lisa’s house every day to help her out with the twins and whatever she needs done around the house. I haven’t really been much help because I end up taking care of Lily most of the time – but it sure is nice to get out and have some company during the day! 3 babies can really keep you hopping! Lily has had a great time hanging out with her cousins, and is teaching them wonderful things like how to poop outside your diaper and “who can scream the loudest” (she always wins). She actually has been very good for as much as we’ve been running lately. She’s been showing off her smile a lot, and even discovered that she has feet and can grab at them with her hands. I’m excited about that because it means that soon she can start grabbing at toys too and I’ve been dying to break out some of these toys she has and play with her. She also discovered that she can shove things she’s holding into her mouth. I’m not as thrilled about that development.

Ok, story time. So, while we were at Lisa’s house my mother decided to make them a nice dessert for over the weekend, and use this recipe she had never tried before. She mixed up a box of chocolate cake mix and dumped it into a pan and threw it in the oven, then looked at the recipe and realized you were only supposed to put HALF of the mix in the pan. So she pulled it back out and tried to dump half of the (half-baked) cake batter out of the pan and finish the recipe. Once she added the rest of the ingredients she didn’t know what to do with the leftover cake batter so she just poured it on top and put the whole thing in the oven. Well, needless to say that was NOT the right thing to do the the thing pretty much erupted all over Lisa’s oven. Mom took it out before it was fully baked but didn’t want to put it back in to cook longer because it was dripping everywhere. So, here is the lovely dessert they were left with:

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Sadly, it looks better than it tasted. (Sorry, Mom!) I’m sure this is where my culinary skills come from!

Now, I’m off to spend a couple minutes with my adorable little family, then off to bed! Have a nice weekend, everyone!

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Out and About

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Whew! We have been busy running all around town lately – and Lily has been impressively well-behaved! On Thursday we went back to Hopkins to attend a retirement party, and she tried to steal all the attention away from the retiree. She was even “flirting” with Jill M’s grandson Henry (an older man by 6 whole weeks)! We’ll have to put a stop to this behavior!

On Friday we spent some nice, relaxing time over at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Saturday, Lily, Jason, and I went and grabbed a quick bite of lunch, and went to the tire store to get new tires on our car. She was VERY good, and even sat (awake) in the waiting area for 30 min or so while the tires were put on.. without hardly a cry! We then ran to Menards, and Saturday night we brought her to Old Chicago for dinner. All trips were even more successful than I had imagined, which will just make my life SO much easier now that she’s more mobile! I can get out and do things, and not be stuck in my house all day long. :) Lily even had some paparazzi take her picture at Old Chicago. Ok, so really it was 2 girls who were on a scavenger hunt and needed a picture of a baby.. or so they said! Perhaps they were secretly Gerber-baby recruiters in disguise.

So far today we ran out to the mall and to Kohls, and I think we’re staying put for the night but NOT WATCHING FOOTBALL (gasp). Football sucks. Anyway, I just love watching Lily since she’s so alert now, just to see her have a new experience or try to process new information – it’s so much fun! I wish I knew exactly what goes on in her little mind sometimes.

Now, I must get back to my beautiful, well-behaved baby girl! I’ll update again later this week.

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