10 years ago today…

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Jason and I officially started dating!! We don’t celebrate our dating anniversary anymore or anything, but I thought 10 years together was worth a mention! That seems like such a long time, it’s hard to believe 10 years has past… but then again, I can’t really remember life before Jason either.

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Lily, Uncle Greg, and I went to the hospital on Monday to visit Lisa and meet our brand new nieces! It was good, but I think there were just too many people there at the time and Lisa was pretty worn out and needed some rest. It was fun to see the new babies, though! And some of Ryan’s family met Lily so she got lots of attention as well – and she was VERY well behaved! After the hospital we went to see Great-Grandma and Great-Aunt Pat. Grandma and Grandpa met us at their house and we told them about the babies and showed them pictures, and let everyone hold Lily again. Great-Aunt Joy and Great-Uncle Joe even stopped over to visit!

Yesterday, I brought Lily with me to the Dr for my 6-week checkup, and she was really very good again. The Dr enjoyed meeting her, and gave me the good news that I successfully survived childbirth (whew!). After the Dr we went back to the hospital to visit Lisa and the girls again. That was a nice visit! She was alone when we got there so we actually got to spend some time together and I got to help take care of the babies (I was on pacifier duty), though I definitely have not gotten to hold them enough. Lisa and I even took a stroll around the hospital floor and I showed Lily the room she was born in. About an hour after we got there my parents came to visit again, then a couple of minutes later Lisa’s friends Michelle and Lindsay, Lindsay’s son Henry, and Michelle’s mom stopped by! There were a lot of babies in that room between Claire, Abby, Lily, and Henry but it was fun.

Today Lily and I are barricading ourselves indoors so we don’t instantly freeze to death. Why do we live here again?? We would LOVE to go visit Aunty Lisa and the twins again, but I just don’t want to take Lily out in the cold like this. I think the day off will do us good since we’ve been doing a bit of running this week, plus I noticed overnight last night that Lily’s sinuses sound a little congested. She doesn’t have a fever and she doesn’t have a runny nose or cough or anything so I don’t necessarily think she’s got a cold – it could maybe just be from the cold, dry weather. I’m keeping an eye on her! I might put her in the bathroom while I take a shower to give her some steam and see if it helps.

She’s still sleeping a lot during the day, but we continue to get more periods of awake and alert time, and they last longer all the time! She usually has at least an hour each day where we just sit together and I talk or sing to her and she watches me and smiles non-stop. That’s quickly becoming my favorite part of the day. :) She is just such a good baby, and SO CUTE! We really got lucky and I do feel so blessed every day I get to spend with her.

Last night, she kept trying to hold her own bottle (see below). She kept pulling it to the side and popping it out of her mouth, but she did successfully hold it for a couple of minutes!

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I’m an Aunt x2!

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From lily jan23-28

This morning my sister gave birth to the two cute baby girls pictured above! On the left is Abby Gwendolyn, born at 8:09 am weighing in at 8 lbs (!!) and 21″. On the right is Claire Margaret, born at 8:08 am weighing 7 lbs 8 oz and 20.5″. Mom and both babies are healthy and doing well! As you can see, she had a lot of baby in her tummy, which is why she got so big and uncomfortable!

Lily is excited to be a “big cousin” and can’t wait until they’re all old enough to play together. It was amazing to me to think that Lily was that small just 6 short weeks ago. She has changed so incredibly much in such a short time it’s mind-blowing! I think Lily wants to show what a “big girl” she is, and she has amazingly slept 6 hours straight the last 2 nights in a row! She spent Saturday night with Grandma and Grandpa again so Jason and I could go out on another date – it was fun! I can’t think of anything else we did last week at the moment since my brain is too full of my sister and her two new babies, so I’ll do a bigger Lily update later this week.

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Happy Baby!

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From lily jan20-22

I just love how much Lily is smiling lately! If she’s awake and alert and not in distress for some reason (hungry, wet, etc) she’s happy and will smile away when you talk to her. It’s so cute! Yesterday we had a good day together. We decided to just hang out at home since we’ve been running a lot the last couple of days. She stayed awake and happy for a 2 hour straight block of time and we were talking and smiling and having a great time! In fact, she hardly cried all day. When she woke up, I went to go get her and picked her up and put her against my shoulder. She rubbed her cheek into my shoulder and sighed contentedly, then just rested her head on my shoulder and watched me. It seriously melted my heart – she’s so adorable right now!

On Sunday we hung out at Grandma and Grandpa’s house for Uncle Greg’s birthday – ate spaghetti and played games. It was fun! Monday, Lily and I got really brave and drove out to Aunty Lisa’s house where we went out to eat at Applebees and then shopping at a couple of stores! She was a really good girl – she was even awake for part of the time and just staring at people and lights and things. She did cry for a little bit at Applebees, but calmed down pretty quickly once I changed her diaper.

Not a very exciting update, but I wanted to share with everyone how proud I am of Lily and how good she’s being – and check out this adorable picture of her smile (and baby mohawk)! If that doesn’t make you melt, I don’t know what will!

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Hey Jealousy

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From lily jan16-19

I think our cat (Gibson) has finally realized that Lily is here to stay, not just a temporary loud, demanding house guest. He’s been acting a little bit jealous of the attention we give to her over the past week or so – luckily that hasn’t manifested in anything malicious or destructive – he just keeps putting himself in the middle of things. If I’m nursing Lily on the couch he will jump up next to me and want to be petted. If Jason’s holding Lily, he’ll bring over one of his toys and want Jason to play with him right then. That kind of thing. So, this is how we get the above picture with Gibson and Lily sharing a pillow on my lap – he just cannot be excluded anymore!

Lily herself keeps growing and changing at an amazing rate! This week she had her first “non-screaming/crying” bath, which certainly made Jason and I happy! What we did is actually have me get into the bath with her and hold her, which calmed her right down. She sat on my lap and wiggled her toes in the water and just silently took everything in. If that’s what it takes to teach her we’re not trying to kill her with water – fine by me! It was kinda fun. After her successful bathing time, we tried putting her down to sleep while drowsy but not quite asleep and she actually fell asleep BY HERSELF! This is a breakthrough since normally she needs to be held, rocked, or nursed to sleep and will only cry if you put her down on her own. We’re going to keep at this and hope it becomes the norm!

She seems to have figured out the day/night thing pretty well by now and usually only keeps us up really late at night if something is wrong. She has been a little bit fussier the last week or so, and did keep us up a couple of nights with some tummy trouble. We’re trying a couple of different things to find out why her tummy hurts and sometimes she’ll even cry while eating. Poor baby! Last night she cried for about 2 hours straight until 3:30am, but then when she went to sleep she slept until 10:30! SEVEN HOURS, baby! I don’t expect her to sleep through every night like that yet, but it sure was nice!

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Yesterday we got to hang out with Aunty Lisa (once again I suck – no pictures), who is trying to fit in all her hanging out before the 28th (1 week from Monday!) when she’ll be giving birth to twin girls! Grandma and Grandpa watched Lily again for a couple of hours while Lisa, Greg, and I went to a movie in the middle of the day! It was a nice break and fun to hang out with them. We’ll see them again tomorrow for Uncle Greggy’s birthday.

Finally, Lily got a lovely gift of bath items from our friends at Braimee, and a beautiful homemade hat from our friends at Bellyville! Thanks Brian, Aimee, Cameron and Shannon, Mike, and Eva! Here’s Lily modeling her new hat, with the best picture of the “Dorothy pout” we’ve captured yet!

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1 month old!

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From 1 month

I just wanted to give a quick post and tell everyone that Lily is officially ONE MONTH old today. It’s so hard to believe that we’ve only had her (“she’s had US” is more like it) for one month. She’s changing constantly, and is slowly working on perfecting her cute little smile. She somehow managed to gain weight like crazy (3oz per day for a week straight) and is now just fine according to the Doctor’s weight chart, so no more mandatory trips to the Hippo scale. She’s been fussy on and off for the last few days, but generally we can diagnose what it is and fix it, so it’s not as bad as it could be. As you can see in the above picture, we’ve also been trying to get her to interact with her environment more, and putting her in her “play gym”. Whereas she used to just cry right away when we put her on it, now she looks around and stares at all the little animal things hanging from it. It’s been pretty cool to watch her figure out how to figure things out…

She also had a visit from our friends Nick and Nora yesterday, and of course we SUCK and didn’t take a single picture. It was really nice to see those guys, though, and hopefully it won’t be so long til the next time. Grandma and Grandpa Campbell came and visited today to get their Lily Fix and bring us food, which is always very appreciated. Other than a little tantrum in the middle, that visit went fine too. Otherwise, we just enjoyed being around the house together again over the weekend and spending our own Lily Time. We’re both too tired to be very exciting. Sorry. More news and more cute pictures when we have them…


Purrrrrfectly adorable

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From Day 28

Seriously, could she get any cuter? We found this outfit in a bag of clothes given to us by someone and couldn’t resist! It even has ears and a tail! I hate people that do this to their kids, yet I melted at all the cuteness.

Things have been going pretty well – Lily has been a social butterfly lately! We have now successfully visited Park Center, Maple Grove, and Hopkins. Everyone thinks Lily is absolutely adorable (because she is!) and she was sooooooo well behaved. She also started smiling WHILE AWAKE the other day! I was singing to her and talking to her and she would just stare at me, then smile really big. I love it! I can’t wait for even more interaction!

I think this week has been a growth spurt for Lily as she has been eating A TON. She still eats every 3, sometimes 4 hours but between nursing and supplementing she’s getting around 5-6oz per feeding! That seems like a lot to me, but it must be what she needs because she is finally gaining weight. We bought a baby scale to keep better track of her progress and try to see how much she’s getting from nursing. According to our scale, she went from 8 lbs 7 oz on Monday night to 9 lbs 3 oz tonight! We’ll get the official weigh-in tomorrow when we bring her back to the Doctor for a weigh-in, but I know it has to be better than it has been the last couple of weeks. Here’s hoping this is the last week we have to bring her in for a weight check.

Finally, it looks as if Lily may get another visit from Grandma Gayle (Jason’s mom) this weekend, which she is really looking forward to! It seems like she’s already growing and changing so quickly.

Here is a picture of Lily all dressed up and ready to visit Hopkins – the screaming is not because she’s going to work, but her standard “I’m on the changing table and I hate it” attitude. :) The shirt says “MY MOM ROCKS me to sleep” :)

From Day 28

Sorry again for the “Mom” post! I need to get better at writing blog-style, not like a term paper!

From Day 28

New looks

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Today we actually managed to be coordinated enough to arrange a Jill/Lily (Jily?) trip into Hopkins. There was a district tech meeting, so it was a perfect opportunity for us to show her off.. errr umm I mean “introduce her”.. to the folks there. Of course, everybody loved her, and we had several people offer to watch her for us, and several other people threaten to steal her. The former are appreciated now, and the latter will be far more appreciated when she’s 13.

Due to the fact that we’re horrible bloggers and parents, we didn’t take a SINGLE picture on this visit, or any of the last 3 visits she’s been on. I don’t really know why. I guess we’re just too busy fawning over her and showing her off to her adoring public to even think of documenting it. *shrug* Jill did take a bunch of cute pictures today, but I’m going to save them for tomorrow’s post, since it’s bedtime now.

Jill and Lily both had fun visiting, and Lily was a very good girl the whole time. She’s getting more alert and awake all the time, and today she started smiling (while awake!) at people, which is super cute. This incredible phenomenon has yet to be adequately documented on film, but rest assured that we work tirelessly to achieve our goal. Lily also ate in a restaurant for the first time today (well, we ate at Erbert’s and Gerbert’s while she was sound asleep in the carseat next to us), and yesterday she had her first trip to Target. Next thing you know, she’ll have her own expense account…

We hope all is well for all of you, and also hope that you like the new look for the blog.


Back at it

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From Day 21-25

So I started back at work full time today. It’s… (hmm… people from work read this.. ok..). Well, I’m back. Seriously, it’s fine. I’m happy to be able to get back into things and very glad that nothing catastrophic happened there while I was gone. It’s just that I was starting to get used to the crazy sleep schedule and really liking being able to spend several hours a day working on my Linux music workstation with Lily “helping” (or at least sleeping away adorably on my lap). It was just nice to get to spend the time at home with my expanded family, and I really appreciate Hopkins giving me the opportunity.

Aside from all that, I spent some time and finally fixed our gallery of photos from our trip to Ireland so if you want some gorgeous summer scenery (and a LOT of castles) to look at, check those out. Our days with Lily have been good overall, and the nights have been a mixed bag. Some nights we’ve gotten multiple hours of sleep in a stretch, and some nights we get about 45 minutes in between her throwing fits. We’re learning more everyday what her different cries and gestures mean, and that’s been really helpful. We also bought a baby scale, which is useful, just not for the same reason the doctor uses it. Unlike the doctor who seems obsessed with Lily fitting into some sort of magic-weight-box that takes NO account of the height/weight of the parents, the metabolism of the baby, or any other factor, we wanted a scale so that we can get a better idea of how much she’s actually getting from her feedings once in a while. Being able to try it and see that she is, in fact, eating just fine, but is just going through a crazy growth spurt, is rather reassuring. All of you who are NOT first time parents are laughing at us right now.

Between carrying her around in our Baby Bjorn and catching moments when she was sleeping, we’ve managed to actually clean our house, do laundry, and take down Christmas decorations in the last several days. It’s felt really good to get things done, and I’m sure it makes Jill’s time being stuck on the couch a lot less frustrating (you all know what I mean – the “I’m stuck here and all I can do is look around and think about all the things in this house a SHOULD be doing” game). For our next trick, we (likely this means “I”) will be going to the grocery store and restocking our house so Jill actually has food to eat, and I don’t have to resort to stopping at Holiday for breakfast before work. This probably shouldn’t be nearly as exciting as it is…

Despite actually getting a decent amount of “work work” done while I was gone, I tried very hard to not use my work computer while I was home. The problem is that this is where all of our digital pictures get dumped before being put online, and where I’ve been blogging from. This (and flat-out laziness on my part) was a big part of the reason why I haven’t blogged much lately. Now that I’m “back at it”, however, I hope to actually post on a regular basis again. Thanks for sticking with us!

Now, about that sleep thing…

We hope all is well for all of you.



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From Lilian Day 18-20

Well, less than 3 weeks into Lily’s life and somehow her Daddy is already slacking on the blog updates! For shame. I nagged (as any good wife would do) Jason to make an update a couple of times today but I think he forgot, so instead you get a post from Lily’s mom. I apologize in advance.

Things around our house are starting to calm down a little bit as I think we’re all figuring each other out a bit. Sleeping is still somewhat unpredictable, but we’re having more “good” nights than ever, so I’m encouraged things will continue to improve. Then again, Jason goes back to work next week which could completely throw us all off again! Lily celebrated her first New Years Eve at home with her parents and her Uncle Greg. We watched a couple movies, ate some snacks, and Lily was even technically still “up” at midnight for the countdown to 2008! I gave her a new year’s kiss and told her how exciting 2008 was going to be for her – I can tell she’s excited! Then, New Years day we had a visit from Uncle Shawn, Aunty Shannon, and Cousins Arian, Tali and Eanna! Eanna is a little young to understand (she’s not quite 6 months old), and Arian is a little too old and “babied out” to care, but Tali was certainly excited! She kept wanting to hold the baby and kiss the baby, and would come report to me anytime the baby was crying, or sleeping, or yawning, or … well, doing anything really. It was cute. After they left, we went and spent the evening at “Grandma and Grandpa’s” (my parents) house so they could get a Lily-fix and I could show them how to download and print out pictures of their darling granddaughter.

The rest of this week is going to be pretty eventful. Tomorrow, we are going to Park Center so Grandma Maggie can show off her granddaughter to all her co-workers. Friday, we go back to the pediatrician for another weight check, then we’re probably heading over to MGSH to visit with some former co-workers and show off Lily. We’re hoping to make it to our current workplace sometime soon (perhaps next week). On friday night, Jason and I are taking the advice of our home health nurse and going out on our FIRST DATE since Lily was born! We were told we had a deadline until the 13th of Jan (1 month after she was born) so we should beat it with time to spare. Grandma and Grandpa are going to babysit for us, and they are VERY excited. I’m excited, but don’t really like the idea of leaving her yet! She’s still so little, but I’m sure everything will be ok. Finally, Saturday night we have a final Christmas Celebration with my half-sister and half-brother and their families. I’m sure Lily will be the star of the evening once again! I keep telling her to enjoy it now, as her twin cousins will be here on the 28th and then she has to start sharing the spotlight.

We’ll try to keep updating, and hopefully Jason will write the next post so it’s much more entertaining! Happy New Year, everyone!

From Lilian Day 18-20