5 years! (married)

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(Picture taken on our honeymoon, in Ireland.)

Five years ago today, Jason and I were having the time of our lives at our wedding! It was the (official) start of our lives together, and the start of our family.. and look how much has changed since then!

I’m taking a short vacation from blogging for the Anniversary and 4th of July celebrations, but we will be back in mid-July with a full report on the cabin! Enjoy the holiday!

We did it!

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The wedding is done! Everything went very well, we are now happily married, and we both hope that all who attended had a great time. We will be leaving for Ireland early tommorrow morning, but will try to post from there periodically, so check back here for updates.

1 Month!

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There is only ONE MONTH from yesterday til our wedding! We have gotten most everything ready, and are just in the process of finalizing details and mentally preparing for the “Big Day”. Everything will still be as announced on our Main Page, so check there for all the details!